Released WooCommerce Product Barcode Generator

Creating new, useful tools is what gets us out of bed in the morning. Often times we create marketing assets and business tools for our clients. On occation we see an opportunity to create something that has can help a much larger audience.

Recently we needed to explored the possibility of automatically generating barcodes for WooCommerce products. This was previously being done manually through a third party tool, a time consuming and cumbersome products. After some research, we found nothing quite fit our needs and suspected many others would be in the same situation.

So we developed a standalone WooCommerce Product barcode generator.

This easy and flexible plugin supports the 25 most common barcodes and automatically and places the barcode onto the product page itself.

WooCommerce Barcode Generator

If you sell products through WooCommerce and have a barcode system for inventory, coupons or other references check it out!