UI/UX Design

Successful applications delight users and keep them coming back. If you’re opting for an interface designed by engineers or yourself, you’re likely not creating the ideal user experience, or achieving the delight and engagement you want.

Don’t settle for even an average interface in this highly digital world. People judge your product based on its ease of use, aesthetic quality, and their overall experience. Users don’t have the time or patience for a bad interface because they have other choices.

Smarter design is a critical factor in determining success or failure, growth or stagnation. Well-executed design leads to better word of mouth, greater adoption, and more frequent use.

We’ve rescued dozens of uninspiring, hard-to-use, and bland interfaces. With a team of industry experts (including one who wrote a leading book on interface design), we can design an interface that’s highly usable, beautiful, and emotionally engaging. With it, you can attract and retain more users, secure more funding, and truly delight your users.

030 – Data Records

Better understand your users, what they need, and how they think about the world and web.

041 – Flowchart

Improve the experience of your application through better workflow optimization, information architecture, usability conventions, and clarity.

Make users happy with a memorable and compelling interface that compels them to repeatedly return.

Learn how users actually interact with your application, where they have challenges, and figure out any modifications needed to create an improved experience.

Discover and communicate your personality and voice. Branded products are exponentially more successful than generic looking ones that lack identity and pizazz.

Pssst… want some advice? We’ll work closely with your design and development teams to help them create proper conventions and bring design best practices to your projects.

  1. 06 Emotion
  2. 05 Communication
  3. 04 Value
  4. 03 Usability
  5. 02 Reliability
  6. 01 Function

Design Psychology

Design Thinking



What’s the main purpose of your website? You may have several, but to create the most effective functionality, we use this layer to zero in on one primary objective.



Regardless of device or user restrictions, your visitors must have a consistent experience. So this layer ensures your website design doesn’t create any unnecessary challenges.



People come to your website with goals in mind. With this layer, we make sure they reach these goals as quickly as possible, while setting the tone for a positive experience.



How could you put someone in a better position based on what they want to accomplish? This layer is where we look for opportunities to incorporate tools, resources and information that improve your visitors’ situation.



Rather than designing for your preferences, you must design for the psychological aspects of your target audience. So this layer leads to design that immediately resonates and communicates the right message to the people you want to reach.



Emotions influence almost every human decision. So we use this layer to settle in on specific emotional responses — created through design — that push your visitors toward a designed action.

Design thinking is such a critical part of our offering that we’ve developed our own design methodology (the six layers of design) and process (saturation) to guide each project we engage in.

We apply this methodology to every interface design project to ensure the end result is as compelling as possible.

Design without data is guesswork. To ensure your interface is as effective as possible, we start every project with a healthy dose of learning.

We talk to users, analyze behavioral data, and perform usability tests to make sure we understand and empathize with your user’s journey. We turn the right knowledge into practical power for better results.

01 Define

First, we understand your needs and define the proper approach. With over 100 user experience research techniques available, which is the right fit to get the best results for you?

02 Discover

Research your target audience, understand how they think, and explore conventions and potential User Interface (UI) approaches.

03 Prototype

Quickly build low-fidelity models to test and assess workflows and the user experience. An ideal, cost-effective way to see what works early in the process.

04 Iterate

Roll findings into newer, more refined concepts as we work towards a release design that’s totally ready for the real web world.

05 Release

Deploy the new design into live application, knowing that it’s been tested and is now ready to be put into practical use.

06 Analyze

Monitor user behavior for improvement insights which inform the next round of designs. It’s honing, enhancing, and adding new aspects to improve on usability and performance.

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