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Our proven digital marketing strategies have helped clients boost their lead generation by over 10 times within a period of less than 3 months. Get in touch with us to find out how we can assist you in achieving your marketing objectives.

The modern buyer’s journey is dramatically different than it was even five years ago. Today, people love to buy but hate to be sold.

They’re spending more time researching purchasing decisions, most of it online. According to Forrester Research, 2/3 of buying decisions are now made online and via social media – before anyone talks to a supplier. Your prospects are becoming experts first and only then talking to you.

But to talk with you, they have to find you; if you’re not visible online, you’re invisible to them. We’ll create a mobile- and user-friendly website that conveys your brand personality, shows up prominently in searches, and converts leads to clients and donors. Because today digital marketing isn’t a nice to have, it’s a must-have.

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If you’re having trouble reaching your target audience online, we’ll identify the channels and methods you need to succeed.

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If you’re not showing up in keyword searches, prospects are going elsewhere. Search engines don’t always rank based on who’s best. We understand the myriad factors involved in website rankings and put them to work for you.

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With digital marketing, it’s much easier to track what works, so we do exactly that: testing, comparing, refining, succeeding.

If you’re getting lots of traffic to a landing page but not turning these visitors into leads and sales, we’ll help you close the deal with proven online techniques.

030 – Data Records

At the end of the day, you’re looking for a sound return on every dollar spent. Our focus on CPA (cost per acquisition) helps you reach goals and make every dollar work harder.

As experts in smarter design psychology, we’ll help you transform more prospects into leads and sales.

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As educators ourselves we believe that knowledge is the key to a bright future. We can help your online course, educational department or other programs.
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We love helping organizations that help others. Your cause is our cause and we’ll be as dedicated as you are to building awareness, promoting events, increasing attendance, and generating donations.
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We’re well grounded in helping tech companies achieve lofty goals. Manufacturers, web-based businesses, media companies, and software providers have all benefited from our smarter design approach.
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Effective digital marketing requires two critical elements: strategy and execution. Without the right strategy, you might participate in the wrong platforms and target the wrong keywords, leading you in the wrong direction. On the other hand, without good execution, your campaigns fail to attract, inspire, and drive action.

At 3.7 Designs, we have proven processes that can help you establish the right strategy and execute it effortlessly at the level you need.

Digital marketing has the ability to positively transform your organization, but only if you approach it strategically.

Our AirGlow framework illuminates the key facets around your brand and industry, giving us the knowledge needed to create a digital marketing strategy that generates the results you need. Think of it as that “glow of success.”

In our 18 years of business, we’ve helped several B2B clients boost their monthly online leads by over 1,000% in just 90 days. How do we do it? We have a reliable process for discovering your audience. This helps us understand your target audience, where they spend time, and what motivates them.

Then, we layer on some effective marketing techniques like content marketing, targeted ads, and search engine optimization. With these methods in place, the leads start flowing in.

We’re not “set it and forget it” people. We keep a close eye on every campaign, constantly looking for any new opportunity or shift in performance. By spotting changes early, we can avoid drops in performance while discovering new opportunities and maximizing gains.


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Display advertising
  • Retargeting
  • Reputation management


  • Facebook advertising
  • LinkedIn advertising
  • YouTube advertising
  • Twitter advertising
  • Instagram advertising


  • HubSpot
  • Content marketing
  • Content offers
  • Email marketing


Industry leading plastics distributor needs inbound marketing overhaul


Increase in leads


Increase in search traffic


Increase in search visibility

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Engineering Technology Associates, Inc.

Building a Winning Website (And Inbound Marketing Strategy) From Scratch


Increase in Organic Search Traffic


Consistent Leads per Month From Organic, PPC, Direct, and Other Sources


Leads per Day From All Sources Shortly After Campaign Launch

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Designing the way to smarter architectural security solutions


Increase in leads


Increase in organic traffic


Higher conversion rate than industry avg.

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