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The reality is, most people don’t realize just how much better their website could perform with proper design psychology in place. Your website should accurately represent your brand and bring you (and convert) a consistent flow of targeted traffic.

“My website looks fine but doesn’t do anything for my business.”

The longer your website fails to perform, the more money it wastes, because you’re not only losing out on revenue, you’re squandering resources. 

“My website embarrasses me.”

When your website is outdated, unattractive, or doesn’t accurately portray your brand, visitors will quickly dismiss you and fail to see the true value you deliver. Then they’ll move on to check out competitors’ sites.

Prospects will only engage with your site if they like, identify with, and trust you. If your site fails to communicate these critical qualities convincingly, visitors won’t stick around. And you won’t be able to transform them from prospects to customers.

Through our proven, proprietary Six Layers of Design™ methodology, we create a psychological profile of your target audience that shapes the approach for structure, content, and design of your site. This process – combined with over 50 of our persuasive website design strategies – assures your online presence conveys exactly what your prospects demand – building affinity, confidence, and rapport. 

  1. 06 Emotion
  2. 05 Communication
  3. 04 Value
  4. 03 Usability
  5. 02 Reliability
  6. 01 Function

Design Psychology

Design Thinking



What’s the main purpose of your website? You may have several, but to create the most effective functionality, we use this layer to zero in on one primary objective.



Regardless of device or user restrictions, your visitors must have a consistent experience. So this layer ensures your website design doesn’t create any unnecessary challenges.



People come to your website with goals in mind. With this layer, we make sure they reach these goals as quickly as possible, while setting the tone for a positive experience.



How could you put someone in a better position based on what they want to accomplish? This layer is where we look for opportunities to incorporate tools, resources and information that improve your visitors’ situation.



Rather than designing for your preferences, you must design for the psychological aspects of your target audience. So this layer leads to design that immediately resonates and communicates the right message to the people you want to reach.



Emotions influence almost every human decision. So we use this layer to settle in on specific emotional responses — created through design — that push your visitors toward a designed action.

Our Six Layers of Design™ methodology combines smarter design thinking with advanced design psychology. These perspectives guide our approach to ensure your site is purpose-driven and fully aligns with how your visitors think and behave.

According to Forrester market research, an intelligent design approach like this boosts website conversions by up to 400%, and it’s the key to how we create greater success for you online.

We look for high-leverage opportunities to produce results two, three or 10 times greater from your marketing investment.

Outcomes like these are only achieved through a long-term vision and partnership. Instead of a “one-and-done” approach, we’ll work closely with you to create, monitor, analyze, and constantly improve your marketing strategies. Through this process, we’ve helped clients exceed their business goals including increasing leads by as much as 1,500% per month!


Designing the way to smarter architectural security solutions

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Increase in leads


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