Web design

Put your website on the right course with smarter design thinking and set sail for digital marketing success.

Your web presence is more important than ever today. Prospects are making snap judgments based on their first impressions of your home page and content.

If your site is out of date, doesn’t communicate your true value, is difficult to use, or invisible on search engines, you’re going to experience a very rough voyage on the marketing seas.

We’ve rescued hundreds of uninspiring, difficult to use, and ineffective websites. With our strategic approach to smarter design, we can deliver a website that ideally represents you, is inviting, and achieves the results you want. A site that will really float your boat!

041 – Flowchart

Make sure users can easily find what they’re looking for and do what they want (and need) to do on your site.

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Not getting the results you need? Generate more sales, donations, memberships, and leads.

Search Engine

If competitors are outranking you, we know the ins and outs of gaining the visibility and placement on search engines that you deserve.

Match internal workflows to technology. We can build in functionality so that your online presence works exactly as you do at the office.

Website specifications keep evolving. We stay ahead of them so your site is mobile-friendly and ready to perform at its best on all devices, operating systems, and browsers.

Optimize online transactions whether you’re selling products, accepting donations, issuing invoices, or managing memberships.

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We love helping organizations that help others. Your cause is our cause and we’ll be as dedicated as you are to building awareness, promoting events, increasing attendance, and generating donations.
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We’re never blinded by science, but help science-focused companies see the light in terms of improved marketing and greater online impact. Bio-medical, mass spectrometry services, and assay kits are just a few of our successful science projects.
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We’re well grounded in helping tech companies achieve lofty goals. Manufacturers, web-based businesses, media companies, and software providers have all benefited from our smarter design approach.

We look for high leverage opportunities where can we produce results two, three or even 10 times greater from your investment. This is what excites us and makes our clients smile, because we understand that creativity needs to be effective in order to be successful.

Using smarter design thinking – plus our own unique mix of technology, metrics, and know-how – we’ve helped clients in many sectors increase sales dramatically, build stronger brand awareness, become better positioned in crowded markets, generate large volumes of leads, and reduce costs significantly.

  1. 06 Emotion
  2. 05 Communication
  3. 04 Value
  4. 03 Usability
  5. 02 Reliability
  6. 01 Function

We’ve developed our own design methodology (the six layers of design) and process (p/met/s) to guide us through every project. That’s because, along with great strategy, smarter design thinking is a critical element in how we create success for our clients.

Not all websites are created equal. The visual layer might be well designed, yet the code under the hood is a mess. Result: poor performance and unhappy visitors who become frustrated with your site.

We stick to a strict internal standard to ensure your site is optimized for speed and search, totally functional, and easy to manage and update.

  • Beautiful
  • Intuitive
  • Robust
  • Optimized

01 Strategy

Map a pathway to success based on your brand, industry, and audience insights.

02 Launchpad Website

Design and develop a basic-yet-viable website QUICKLY to create immediate impact and help us all learn.

03 Plan

Determine the next round of website enhancements, based on analysis of current performance.

04 Develop

Design, build, and deploy the planned enhancements through a focused, efficient initiative.

05 Learn

Analyze the performance of your website and all the new features. Run surveys and interviews to gain insights.

06 Transfer

Use insights to inform planning and next round of website enhancements.