Effective Web Design

Beautiful, Usable and Engaging Websites

Backed by Methodology The Six Layers of Design

In 2010, 3.7 DESIGNS founder, Ross Johnson, authored a book covering the fundamentals of successful web design. The six core elements are referred to as “layers” and make up the methodology behind our design strategies.

The six layers are described in order: functionality, reliability, usability, proficiency, communication, and emotion.

Focused on Results Our P/MET/S Framework

Our P/MET/S framework is the actionable process that incorporates the Six Layers of Design methodology. The framework supports design research, strategy creation, decision making, and performance evaluation. It allows us to consistently produce websites with measurable results that emotionally engage audiences.

Web Design Services

How we can help your brand online

Website Design

Is your current site a poor representation of your brand? We’ll craft a custom designed website that emotionally engages your audience and achieves measurable results.

We’ve been designing and writing about the web for over fifteen years and know the medium inside and out.

Website Audits

Want to improve website performance? Our website audit will get you on track.

We look at all the key aspects of your website, identifying goals, functionality, reliability concerns, usability, communication and emotional engagement.

Content Management

Looking to manage your website in house? Get a content management system based on WordPress and maintain your site without knowing code.

WordPress powers 25% of the web, maybe it should power your website as well?

Conversion Optimization

Need more leads or sales? Optimize your site for conversions, increasing the number of people who purchase or contact you after visiting your site.

Our Web Design Process

How the magic happens

Meticulously Crafted

We focus on what’s important

Business Objectives

We always identify why the website exists and use design to ensure our work accomplishes tangible business goals.

User Experience

User satisfaction ultimately determines if your site is successful, so it’s important that it be usable and visitors have a positive experience.

Emotional Engagement

People make decisions based on emotion and are not always rational. We design sites that engage with users on an emotional level.

Responsive Design

In today’s mobile connected world it’s critical that websites are usable across a wide range of devices.


Statistics show that users will abandon your website if it takes longer than three seconds to load.


Search Engine Optimization

If you can’t be found online you don’t exist. We build search engine friendly and optimized websites.



Up to 20% of the world has an accessibility challenge. Accessible websites ensure everyone can access your content.



Successful websites need to be updated regularly. We build sites using the WordPress platform so you can update your site in house.

Web Design Case Studies

A sample of the work we've done over nine years.