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Every aspect of your brand tells a story. It can be a story that aligns with who you are and what you do, or one that doesn’t represent your true identity. We focus on telling your truth.

We’re here to tell your story through smarter design thinking. So you can achieve better digital results.

Design is communication and the moment someone sees your logo, business card, brochure, or infographic, they’ve already made assumptions and judgements about who you are and what you stand for.

Too often brands fail to connect deeply with target audiences because their design is not up to par or may be communicating “the wrong story.”

We’re not here to just make pretty pictures. Behind great design is smart strategy that empowers us to accurately define your brand and translate your attributes into a cohesive visual language. A language that’s engaging, powerful, and effective.

We can craft an ideal, highly representative visual identity around your brand. It starts with a logo and positioning, then we go onward and upward from there.

Having trouble identifying what makes you unique? What your culture is? Your place in the mind of prospects? We’ll help you define, differentiate, and dominate.

Business cards, booklets, brochures and all things printed. All intelligently designed to advance your brand image and messaging and connect with your digital presence.

We’ll help you you craft compelling diagrams, unique infographics, exciting email templates, digital ads, and other cybersational projects.

Booths, banners, booklets, boxes, and beyond. We’ve helped many clients optimize their trade show budgets and on-site-experience marketing efforts.

Dna Book

Ensure consistency across all brand touch points with a succinct-yet-detailed brand guidebook.

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We love helping organizations that help others. Your cause is our cause and we’ll be as dedicated as you are to building awareness, promoting events, increasing attendance, and generating donations.
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We’re never blinded by science, but help science-focused companies see the light in terms of improved marketing and greater online impact. Bio-medical, mass spectrometry services, and assay kits are just a few of our successful science projects.
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We’re well grounded in helping tech companies achieve lofty goals. Manufacturers, web-based businesses, media companies, and software providers have all benefited from our smarter design approach.

Our Double Helix brand discovery process allows us to dig deep into the DNA of your brand and pick apart the strands that make you unique.

Through this process, we identify your culture, voice, target audience, differentiators, and the aspects of your brand that will resonate the most with prospects and clients.

  1. 06 Emotion
  2. 05 Communication
  3. 04 Value
  4. 03 Usability
  5. 02 Reliability
  6. 01 Function

Design Psychology

Design Thinking



What’s the main purpose of your website? You may have several, but to create the most effective functionality, we use this layer to zero in on one primary objective.



Regardless of device or user restrictions, your visitors must have a consistent experience. So this layer ensures your website design doesn’t create any unnecessary challenges.



People come to your website with goals in mind. With this layer, we make sure they reach these goals as quickly as possible, while setting the tone for a positive experience.



How could you put someone in a better position based on what they want to accomplish? This layer is where we look for opportunities to incorporate tools, resources and information that improve your visitors’ situation.



Rather than designing for your preferences, you must design for the psychological aspects of your target audience. So this layer leads to design that immediately resonates and communicates the right message to the people you want to reach.



Emotions influence almost every human decision. So we use this layer to settle in on specific emotional responses — created through design — that push your visitors toward a designed action.

Design thinking is such a critical part of our offering that we’ve developed our own design methodology (the six layers of design) and process (saturation) to guide each project we engage in.

Strategy is the foundation of our process. We start with research and discovery, giving us a strategic lens to paint a roadmap towards future success.

01 Brand Discovery

A deep dive into your brand DNA using our Double Helix process. Key details are used to establish visual direction and tone.

02 Messaging

Clearly define who we’re talking to, what we want to say, and the desired outcomes.

03 Exploration

Explore and iterate, through several intermediate design approaches, to determine what works best.

04 Refinement

Distill the strongest ideas into print ready concepts that will deliver outstanding results.

05 Delivery

Work closely with third parties to facilitate printing, production of materials, on-time delivery, and other key logistical aspects.

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