Every Problem
is a Design Problem

People come to us because they have goals. They want to grow their business, connect with their audience or maybe delight their users. These are all needs that can be solved through intentional design.

We examine every situation, be it reaching a larger audience, preventing users from leaving to acquiring leads through the lens of design. We’ve developed a design methodology that we leverage to solve business and organization needs for large or small.


Our Methodology The Six Layers of Design

Our approach is backed by a design methodology we developed with fifteen years of experience. The methodology looks at the six critical areas all design must address to produce the most effective outcome. By using a methodology we can consistently create design that achieves goals and produces results. This methodology was basis for a book that founder Ross Johnson authored in 2012.

  • Emotional
  • Communicative
  • Useful
  • Usable
  • Reliable
  • Functional

The Six Layers of Design

The Six Layers of Design

What we consider throughout the design process


Why are we investing the time to produce this design? What are we trying to accomplish? Who will be using it and what are they trying to accomplish? How can we design something that performs the intended function?


How can we design something that reliably adapts the vary situations or devices it might be subject to?


How can we make the work intuitive and effortless? So that users can accomplish their goals and tasks without having to think.


Can we design something that makes users more proficient? Can we improve their lives by designing something that is both useful and meaningful?


Does the design communicate the right things? Do users get a better understanding of the work based on the visual tone?


Is the work emotionally engaging? Are we eliciting the right emotional responses to influence decissions in an ideal way?

Structured via our P/MET/S Framework

The six layers of design inform a structured approach design, we call it the “P/MET/S” framework. The framework allows us to strategically dissect the situation at hand, evaluate priorities, establish metrics and design effective solutions.

Every project is run through our framework to ensure we consistently design the most effective solutions and achieve measurable results.

Optimized process via Project Workflow Tools

We’ve engineered our own project management tools to ensure progress, smooth communication and efficient workflow. Project Panorama is our communication tool that will inform you of exactly where your project stands, what we’ve accomplished, what we are currently working on and how close your project is to completion. You’ll never be left wondering what’s going on as the project status will only be a click away.