About 3.7 Designs

Everyone tells you (repeatedly) it takes time. They claim people must see and interact with your brand many times before they respond.

The fact is, this simply isn’t true. 

You see, when you know how to drive a specific segment of people to a website (or other piece of digital marketing) and get them to take a desired action — all based on human psychology — you play the marketing game by different rules. 

Because you’re using the brain’s natural tendencies to gain an edge. 

This is how we consistently deliver results for clients that actually move the needle. We rely on a handful (well, more like 50+) design psychology tactics to drive response. So you get higher returns from your digital marketing efforts. 

What does 3.7 stand for and why are there butterflies all over the place? Some answers we’ve heard –

  • 3.7 was our grade point average in college (Good, but not quite 4.0)
  • Something related to the 37 Signals app, now known as Basecamp (Nope, we were unaware of the company when we got started)
  • 37 was the number of our favorite ball player (We respect former pitcher Dave Stieb, but weren’t huge Blue Jay’s fans)

So what does 3.7 really mean?

In chaos theory, there’s a concept called the Butterfly Effect. It’s a hypothesis where one small action can cause a chain reaction, resulting in much larger differences in a later state.

The classic example is a butterfly flapping its wings which could, in theory, change weather patterns on the other side of the world.

In mathematical terms, there’s a formula that maps population growth: pt+1 = ((K – pt)/K)*(1 + r)*pt = ((K – pt)/K)*s*pt.

When the multiplier S reaches 3.7 in this formula, the population jumps in an unexpected, non-linear way.

At 3.7 Designs, we apply the concept of the butterfly effect to business. Creating small inputs and changes (like a website update, a new brand identity) to generate exponentially bigger and better results (like business growth, lower overhead, higher website rankings, etc.). And that’s why at 3.7 Designs, we believe the Butterfly Effect is a beautiful thing!

Ross Johnson

Founder / Strategist

Declan O’Neill

Head of Operations

John Castellese

Senior Developer

Lyndsay Johnson

Lyndsay Johnson


Rami Hassan

Rami Hassan


Aaron Marsden

Aaron Marsden

Marketing Developer

Jack Avakian

Campaign Manager

Chris Valle

Project Manager

We keep our clients best interests at heart

We’re compassionate

We’re committed

We build relationships


We’re honest

We’re transparent

We’re genuine

We’re trustworthy

We’re always learning

We’re focused on growth

Everything can be improved

Daily 1% improvements

We’re process-driven, and strive for operational excellence

We’re better together

We’re collaborative

The team, the team, the team

We’re flexible

We are accountable

We take initiative

We’re proactive

We find creative solutions to problems

We’re results focused

We’re leaders

We’re passionate about what we do

We’re confident in our abilities

We seek mastery

We serve clients throughout the U.S. and the world from Ann Arbor, Michigan. It’s a state with a rich history in design and technology innovation. Herman Miller, William Hewett, and Larry Page were all born here.

We’re proud to be a woman-owned and operated design agency that calls Michigan our home.