About 3.7 Designs

We employ proven strategies and methodologies to consistently deliver repeatable results.

When you have a small in-house marketing team and ambitious goals like…

A compelling digital presence

You need a cohesive digital presence that tells your singular story and sets you apart.

Increased online visibility

Generating demand and brand awareness by reaching a wider audience.

Lead generation

Consistent lead acquisition to keep your pipeline full and stakeholders happy.

Hitting sales targets

Enable sales to meet and exceed sales targets, driving business growth.

… it takes so much more than just good web design to get there. 

A chart depicting 3.7 Designs' capabilities including: Strategy, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Marketing Technology, Web Design, and Branding

That’s where we come in.

We’re not a vendor, we’re your partner.

  • Determine who your ideal customers are, what they care about, and how and where to communicate with them
  • Generate leads and sales, consistently
  • Increase your online visibility through SEO, social media, paid advertising, email marketing, HubSpot CRM, and marketing automation
  • Redesign your website so it’s both beautiful and effective at creating results

Ready for high-impact ROI working with a team of experts you can trust?

Reach out to us. We’d love to hear more about your project.

What does 3.7 stand for, and why are butterflies all over the place?

Some answers we’ve heard –

  • 3.7 was our grade point average in college (Good, but not quite 4.0)
  • Something related to the 37 Signals app, now known as Basecamp (Nope, we were unaware of the company when we got started)
  • 37 was the number of our favorite ball player (We respect former pitcher Dave Stieb, but weren’t huge Blue Jay’s fans)
  • We haven’t reached 3.8 in our release cycle

So what does 3.7 really mean?

In chaos theory, there’s a concept called the Butterfly Effect. It’s a hypothesis that one small action can cause a chain reaction, resulting in much larger differences in a later state.

The classic example is a butterfly flapping its wings which could, in theory, change weather patterns on the other side of the world.

In mathematical terms, there’s a formula that maps population growth: pt+1 = ((K – pt)/K)*(1 + r)*pt = ((K – pt)/K)*s*pt.

When the multiplier S reaches 3.7 in this formula, the population jumps in an unexpected, non-linear way.

At 3.7 Designs, we apply the concept of the butterfly effect to business. Creating small inputs and changes (like a website refresh or a new marketing campaign) to generate exponentially bigger and better results (like business growth, lower overhead, higher website rankings, etc.).

That’s why at 3.7 Designs, we believe the Butterfly Effect is a beautiful thing!

We’re your partner, ally, and number one advocate, providing guidance and advice that supports you in achieving your business goals.

Ross Johnson

Founder / Strategist

Declan O’Neill

Head of Operations

John Castellese

Senior Developer

Chris Valle

Project Manager

Melanie Dunn

Digital Marketing Specialist

Rami Hassan

Rami Hassan


Aaron Marsden

Aaron Marsden

Marketing Developer

Jack Avakian

Campaign Manager

Core values that define and guide us

care, a lot
continual improvement
love your craft

While we started in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we’re now a fully remote team with members from across the United States and even Brazil!

We still have a soft spot for Ann Arbor and have several team members in the area. After all, it’s a great city in a state with a rich history in design and technology innovation. Herman Miller, William Hewett, and Larry Page were all born here.