Smarter design thinking that gives your website and digital marketing a distinct advantage

Everyone tells you (repeatedly) it takes time. They claim people must see and interact with your brand many times before they respond.

The fact is, this simply isn’t true. 

You see, when you know how to drive a specific segment of people to a website (or other piece of digital marketing) and get them to take a desired action — all based on human psychology — you play the marketing game by different rules. 

Because you’re using the brain’s natural tendencies to gain an edge. 

This is how we consistently deliver results for clients that actually move the needle. We rely on a handful (well, more like 50+) design psychology tactics to drive response. So you get higher returns from your digital marketing efforts. 

What does 3.7 stand for and why are there butterflies all over the place? Some answers we’ve heard –

  • 3.7 was our grade point average in college (Good, but not quite 4.0)
  • Something related to the 37 Signals app, now known as Basecamp (Nope, we were unaware of the company when we got started)
  • 37 was the number of our favorite ball player (We respect former pitcher Dave Stieb, but weren’t huge Blue Jay’s fans)

So what does 3.7 really mean?

In chaos theory, there’s a concept called the Butterfly Effect. It’s a hypothesis where one small action can cause a chain reaction, resulting in much larger differences in a later state.

The classic example is a butterfly flapping its wings which could, in theory, change weather patterns on the other side of the world.

In mathematical terms, there’s a formula that maps population growth: pt+1 = ((K – pt)/K)*(1 + r)*pt = ((K – pt)/K)*s*pt.

When the multiplier S reaches 3.7 in this formula, the population jumps in an unexpected, non-linear way.

At 3.7 Designs, we apply the concept of the butterfly effect to business. Creating small inputs and changes (like a website update, a new brand identity) to generate exponentially bigger and better results (like business growth, lower overhead, higher website rankings, etc.). And that’s why at 3.7 Designs, we believe the Butterfly Effect is a beautiful thing!

Lyndsay has lead a life driven by a love for, well, many things. She’s been playing piano since she was seven years old, and violin since the fourth grade. Her passion for drawing/painting and graphic design earned a BFA from the University of Michigan School of Art and Design. Her love for the French Language sent her to Paris for three months to complete her undergraduate requirements. Her relationship with animals is responsible for those dogs, cats, and a horse named Alfred. She currently competes in the equestrian sport of three-day eventing.

In addition to her formal graphic design education, she’s expanded her skills in the last four years to front-end web development, user experience design, information architecture, WordPress development, Drupal theming, and some necessary PHP and Javascript.

When she’s not busy conjuring up something powerful for 3.7 Designs, or riding her horse, she’s spending time with her two young kids, out running, playing in the Dexter Community Orchestra, snowboarding, or spending quality time with her husband and 3.7 Designs’ Creative Director, Ross Johnson. They live in rural Lodi Township, Ann Arbor, with their German Shepherd Leica.


  • Wine & Cheese


  • Equestrian sports
  • Cycling
  • Violin
  • Linguistics


  • Organizer of Build Your WP Website workshop
  • Co-organizer of WordCamp Ann Arbor 2014/2015
  • Speaker at Girl Develop It Detroit
  • Speaker at LA2M

Ross Johnson has been designing websites professionally for over fifteen years. He brings a unique perspective to design, shaped by a lifelong love of the fine arts and his education in technology, business, and social science. This diverse background adds valuable insight to all aspects of his design work, as it enhances his practical understanding of business implications and the psychology of how people interact with computers.

Ross frequently speaks on design and marketing related topics at conferences and other venues. He has had a long history within the web design community, having co-founded Refresh Detroit, WP Ann Arbor, and LA2M.


  • Tacos


  • Watch collecting
  • Cooking
  • Writing
  • Reading


  • Mentioned in the following books: The Newsphere, The New Media Drivers License, Best of Business Card Design
  • Author of the Six Layers of Design
  • Co-host of WebAxe the Web Accessibility Podcast
  • Teacher at Michigan State University
  • Former Teacher at Washtenaw Community College

Declan is our 3.7 client liaison. He is a friendly, funny and extremely knowledgeable native of Ireland with over fifteen years experience in the web design industry. Declan can help translate your ideas into actionable plans while also providing valuable advice along the way.

Not just a people person, Declan is well versed in usability, strategy, and WordPress. He can talk tech, recommend, and implement solutions.

Very active in the local WordPress community, he’s the the co-lead organizer of WP Ann Arbor, a monthly meetup for those interested in this web design platform. He’s also good at soccer, much better than Ross (but don’t’ tell Ross).


  • Bacon


  • Fish tanks
  • Gardening
  • Woodworking
  • Football (ie: soccer)


  • Co-Organizer of WP Ann Arbor 2009-Present
  • Co-Organizer of WordCamp Ann Arbor, 2014 – 2019
  • Co-Organizer of WordCamp Detroit, 2001-12
  • Speaker at LA2M
  • Speaker at WP Ann Arbor

John is a seasoned web developer with a background in art, design, and user experience. For over 15 years, he’s been creating the web for clients in a wide range of industries including news media, DRTV marketing, health care, automotive, music and entertainment.  When he’s not coding, he enjoys spending time outdoors, camping, fishing, and making weird stuff.


  • Olives
  • Garlic


  • Fishing
  • Printmaking


  • Worked on websites for Dave Matthews Band, Jennifer Lopez, Bob Dylan, and Alabama Shakes

Rami Hassan

Rami Hassan brings a wide gamut of experience with front-end development and content management systems. While studying Psychology and Communication at the University of Toledo for his undergraduate degrees, Rami worked as a web designer and developer. After graduation, his career path continued in the web industry. Now after thirteen years servicing websites and related technologies, Rami is a graduate student pursuing his MBA as an Information Systems major.


  • Chocolate
  • Sandwiches


  • Longboarding
  • Gaming
  • PC Building
  • Electronics & Technology


  • Instructor at Girl Develop It Toledo
  • University of Toledo COBI Advanced Leadership Academy Graduate
  • Umbraco 7 Certified Professional

Cetan is the Head of Digital Marketing at 3.7 Designs. His background includes 6 years of experience in the Agency Team at Google as a Senior Account Strategist and Agency Development Manager. He brings to the table a wealth of knowledge from directly overseeing thousands of marketing campaigns over the years for businesses of all sizes, and guiding all of them towards overall success, Conversion results, and ROI maximization.


  • Hamburger
  • French Fries


  • Chess
  • History Documentaries


  • Google Digital Breakfast 1st Place Championship Winner
Taylor Shanholtzer

Taylor is our Junior Digital Marketing Manager at 3.7 Designs. She studied Marketing at Eastern Michigan University and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the marketing team. Taylor is passionate about increasing the online presence of all businesses while working towards personalized goals for each organization.

During her downtime, Taylor enjoys yoga, healthy living, anything that requires creativity, and spending time with her two goddaughters Keya the Maine coon and Ember the domestic house cat.


  • Sushi
  • Thai Food


  • Yoga 
  • Photography
  • Writing 


  • Youth Mentor 
  • Multiple Marketing Certifications

Be honest, transparent, and responsible. Offer advice and feedback based on what we believe you need, not always just what you want.

Recognize the upside of everything. Be grateful for we have. Exemplify this gratitude daily.

Take ownership. Don’t pass the buck. Because we’re all responsible for success, act responsibly.

Pursue growth and learning. Strive for mastery. Demonstrate know-how and continue to evolve.

Understand that listening is one of the most sincere forms of respect. Don’t believe everything you think. Be curious and open minded.

Take the initiative to make things better whenever possible. Keep in mind that everything is a first draft and that there’s always room for improvement. Strive to always be better.

Consider the big and little pictures. Don’t lose sight of important trends, but always take critical details into account as well.

We serve clients throughout the U.S. and the world from Ann Arbor, Michigan. It’s a state with a rich history in design and technology innovation. Herman Miller, William Hewett, and Larry Page were all born here.

We’re proud to be a woman-owned and operated design agency that calls Michigan our home.