Browser Chrome for Your Moleskine

If you have seen my Web Design Sketchbook project it should be no surprise that I am a huge advocate of sketching out ideas before firing up a program (regardless of it being Photoshop, Omnigraffle, etc…). I won’t bore anyone with too long of a rant, but sketching is a great way to quickly create ideas that are focused on the proper strategy and approach rather than visuals and decoration. Great design is the combination of both function and form and it is too easy to forget the function when you start in a high fidelity medium.

While I am always carrying around one of my sketchbooks I am also a huge fan of Moleskine notebooks. They are light, small, classy and great for taking notes on. Rather than switch back and forth between them I recently got the idea to combine them in some way. After stumbling across a blog post about printing your own Moleskine pages I decided to create a template that had browser chrome for easy page mock-ups.

Simply printing out a handful of pages and keeping a glue stick on hand I am now able to show more accurate sketches and mock-ups to clients on the fly. I bet one could also find some printable sticker paper to make it a step easier, which I plan on investigating later tonight.

Rather than keep them to myself I figured I would throw them onto this blog and let anyone who also shares my love for sketching concepts and Moleskine enjoy them as well.

You can download the full template here.