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The future of news, print vs internet

A friend of mine has been doing research into the current state of print media and the slow rise of the internet as it’s replacement. I was asked to give my opinion on why the print news industry is experiencing trouble and if the internet is really a viable replacement for the traditional ways of distributing written content. If you are interested in this subject or area feel free to watch this 12 minute video of my thoughts and opinions on the subject.

Marketing expert Ross Johnson explains why Internet media are a viable replacement for print from Jordan Brown on Vimeo.

3 thoughts The future of news, print vs internet

  1. Nice job pointing out the issues and potential solutions to one of the most interesting industrial shifts in the market today. Google’s CEO mirrored some of your thoughts exactly in yesterday’s WSJ about a potential hybrid model of subscription/micropayment revenue + advertising revenue: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123913451096098061.html

    It will be interesting to see where it goes from here. I don’t think anybody can accurately predict what the media landscape will look like next year, let alone 5-10-20 years out. The wise strategy is to remain flexible and adapt to whatever evolution brings our way.

    Let’s just say I’m glad to be working on the digital side of the industry, although contrary to one of your statements I actually do still enjoy sitting down with a newspaper or magazine and a cup of coffee (or something stronger depending on the time of day).

  2. Good video Ross. While I believe we’ll continue to see local news outlets shift to digital, there is still going to be a place, and I believe an increase in, niche print publications. Looking at gardening websites is not the same as seeing beautiful landscapes in print. And seniors who are not comfortable on computers will demand print publications that with limited runs and targeted advertising can probably still make it.

  3. Thanks Chris, and thanks for the comment.

    I think from a short term perspective, yes print will remain a commonly used medium for niche publications. However as technology improves generations age and come to the end of their life cycle the demand for such niche publications will continue to shrink.

    As it stands now most gardening websites do not have the impact of a magazine spread. What happens when it is common for users to have monitors and resolutions well above the common place of today?

    I would say that a high definition video of a beautiful landscape has significantly more impact than a magazine spread… and that is where technology his heading (on demand high def through the web).

    Ross Johnson

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