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Optimized Press Releases for Time Sensitive Marketing

Sometimes you need a keyword push for a very specific period of time, the holiday seasons for example. If you want people to find your site when they are searching for holiday related keywords you are normally at the mercy of one of these options:

Optimize a few pages for those keywords and accept that they are only useful during a specific time of the year

Switch your home page to be optimized before and hope that it is enough to get picked up by google.

But there is a better option available, and that is to use an optimized press release.

What is an optimized press release?

An optimized press release is much like any other press release. It is about a page in length, detailing the who, when, why, where, and how of your story. The story can be anything that you would like it to be in regards to your project. The difference between an optimized press release over a standard press release is that an optimized press release is sent over internet mediums, and the main goal is to get that press release to rank.

The press release is placed on the distributors website (ie: the company you use to submit the release), which has very high authority with google, and thus ranks well. So if you are targeting a specific set of keywords, “Christmas gift ideas” for example, it has a high chance to rank for a month when you really need the traffic.

Three things to consider in your optimized press release

  1. The title of the press release is critical in ranking for your keywords. Find out what phrase you want to rank for and put it in the beginning of the title. Want to rank for “Snow Removal in Boston” , name it “Snow Removal in Boston services in high demand, Company Response”
  2. Write the press release so your keywords appear in it an adequate amount of times, you want your keyword density (the percentage of times your keywords appear in the press release compared to the number of other words) to be around 4 – 10%.
  3. Make sure to link back to your site, it is a great way to build links. If possible, put the keywords you want to optimize your site for in the anchor text (or link text)

What else can I do

You can do more from there, as many know linking to a site is like a vote for its quality in the eyes of google and other search engines. The text of the links, or the “anchor text” is also used to develop keywords for the linked item. So if you were to link to the press release from a few high quality places you can improve its chance to rank highly.

So for example we are working with a client that sells horribly addictive gourmet popcorn, and what holiday is coming up but Valentines day. They would love to sell some Valentines Day Gifts of Gourmet Popcorn from their site, and hopefully google indexs our change of title fast enough to take advantage of it.

However we also sent out an optimized press release also, labeled Valentines Day Gifts. As you can see I threw a link at it with some rich keywords in the link, and we just need to wait for google to index this article and it should give it some ranking magic!

Keep in mind these need to be well planned, google doesn’t always index the sites you are linking to and from daily. It can be monthly, or even a few months out. If you can monitor how often your site is indexed by google you can better time and plan the launch of your optimized press release.

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