updated: September 28th, 2006 / Ross Johnson / 0 Comments

Ann Arbor Parking? Oxymoron?

I doubt I will be the last one to complain about parking in Ann Arbor – but it really is a piss poor situation. While Ann Arbor’s city council is making decisions that will make downtown Ann Arbor grow in terms of business, and housing, they are doing little to solve the parking issues at hand. People are upset, and they blissfully shrug it off because it doesn’t effect them with their special parking permits and the ability to make parking tickets “go away.”

With Google moving downtown, and most likely building an office in the area as well – they are trying to create an atmosphere ripe for downtown office use, which would in turn benefit the shops and restaurants in the vicinity as well. However – their solution to parking is just let private companies charge rates that make it desirable to VISIT downtown, but not WORK or LIVE there.

My office is off of Main St, and as of late summer finding a parking spot in the neighborhoods near by has been an impossibility. I have not been able to find a spot with in 5-6 blocks of my office almost every day. While some might say part of business is buying the parking, I run a small design company and low overhead is part of my business plan. It doesn’t make sense to pay hundreds of dollars a month on parking when I could just as easily work at home.

Despite the ungodly amount of parking tickets that Ann Arbor gives out on a daily biases, (and Ann Arbor is known for being ruthless in this department) they literally have NO public parking downtown.

How are people expected to work? I am sure those in the neighborhoods near downtown are frustrated as well when they come home only to find all parking taken up by those who work near-by. So now people can’t even park at their homes.

What would easily solve this problem is if they changed the pointless rule Two hour Parking: “Monday – Wednesday – Friday” and “Tuesday – Thursday” to public parking we would have plenty of spots to go around. It might cut down on their ticket revenue (oh darn), and people would have to be more careful driving down those streets… but it would accommodate a lot more people with almost no work.