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Building a Winning Website (And Inbound Marketing Strategy) From Scratch

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Building a Winning Website (And Inbound Marketing Strategy) From Scratch

Engineering Technology Associates, Inc. (ETA) is a global engineering services and software company focused on computer-aided engineering (CAE) for the automotive, transportation, and aerospace industries. Their suite of 4 products – Dynaform, VPG Suite, PreSys, and ACP OpDesign – allows CAE professionals to dive deep in simulation, structural analysis, product development, and sheet metal forming processes. They are a group of creative, deeply experienced, and unique industry professionals that bring to life valuable products they believe in. 

Valuable products, however, don’t drive quality leads themselves. And ETA had begun to understand this well.

A Marketing Engine Without Gas

When JT Pedersen, ETA’s North American Director of Software Sales, joined the company in June, 2021, ETA’s marketing and lead generation programs were non-existent. The company’s marketing positions had been vacant for close to a year – the marketing engine was running with no one to fill the gas tank or steer the wheel. 

JT quickly recognized the issue and knew it needed to be addressed immediately. But there were a few roadblocks. 

ETA’s website was out of date and unprepared to receive and convert new leads. A redesign was in progress when JT joined; however, the new site design and experience wasn’t meeting their standards. Moreover, JT knew that hiring a team of experienced, in-house marketing professionals was expensive, and that it would take months before he could find the right candidates. 

He decided to look elsewhere for a solution, and began discussions with Ross, the owner of 3.7 Designs, on how we might tackle the issue.

Solution: Strategy, GDD, & Inbound Marketing

Not long after the Project Exploration meeting, we began our “Saturation Dive” Discovery process aimed at making 3.7 experts in ETA’s target audiences and competitors: who they are, what they want and desire, how they typically purchase, what they’re thinking throughout the buyer’s journey, what questions and objections they may have, and more.

By the time we finished our Discovery process (complete with a comprehensive SEO keyword/SERP analysis, website behavior analysis, and brand deep dive), we were living & breathing ETA’s target audiences and ready to begin the website strategy and buildout processes.

Choosing 3.7 as a partner allowed ETA to harness the skills and bandwidth of an entire team of marketing and web professionals at a fraction of the cost of building an in-house team.

JT Pedersen, Director of Software Sales, N.A. at Engineering Technology Associates, Inc.

A Launch Pad starter site was created soon after to help ETA better capture the traffic they were receiving during development. 3.7’s developers got to work, and a professional, conversion-optimized site that met the needs of their target audience was launched. ETA was finally ready to receive quality inbound traffic.

With all the insights we had gained on ETA’s target audience, product offerings, competitors, and search engine rankings, we were already halfway to success. We began creating valuable, search-engine-optimized content that targeted and answered customer questions and building advertisements that connected ETA’s value propositions with the true wants and needs of their customers.

It wasn’t long before the site began to receive quality traffic from the SERPs and advertisements. And the results speak for themselves:


Increase in Organic Search Traffic


Consistent Leads Per Month from Organic, PPC, Direct, And Other Sources


Leads per Day from All Sources Shortly After Campaign Launch

Within the year we’ve worked with 3.7, we can confidently say we’ve met 100% of the goals we were looking to achieve 1 year ago. There aren’t many other companies we’ve worked with where we can say the same.

JT Pedersen, Director of Software Sales, N.A. at Engineering Technology Associates, Inc.

With a successful new website and marketing engine launched, JT had accomplished his goal of reviving ETA’s inbound marketing strategy. But the progress didn’t stop there.

Since launching the site and the new marketing efforts, we’ve continued to create valuable content – blog posts, newsletters, webinars, and more – and optimize the website for further improvements in search engine rankings.

3.7 and ETA plan to collaborate on many projects moving forward, including ongoing website optimizations, CRM setups, SEO-optimized content, content offers, and more.

3.7 Designs has become an entrenched part of the ETA team – they’re as much a part of the team as a full time employee. There’s never any friction in getting their invoices approved with our chairmen. We want to continue working with 3.7 on as many marketing projects as we can, for as long as we can.

JT Pedersen, Director of Software Sales, N.A. at Engineering Technology Associates, Inc.

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