Web Typography – 40 sources for inspiration and instruction

CSS, javascript, and flash has brought the web design community a long way in what we are capable of doing when it comes to typography. However simply being ABLE to take advantage of rich typography doesn’t mean that we all know how. So below are some resources to make it easier to find typographic inspiration and instruction.


Need some ideas on how to layout your text? Looking for some inspiration? Browse through these sites to get ideas on what you can do and how.

  1. Typography for Headlines
  2. Web Typography Part 2
  3. Web Typography Part 1
  4. Giant Type
  5. sIFR Examples
  6. sIFR 3 Examples
  7. Css Typography Examples
  8. Flickr Type Gallery
  9. Pull Quote Gallery
  10. Times New Roman on the Web
  11. Taking Back Times new Roman
  12. Flickr Type Group

Typography How-to’s

Want to know how to do some accessible image replacement? Use sIFR? or create a long font list for “luxury” fonts? This is the section for you, plenty of learning new techniques, methods, and tricks.

  1. Image Replacement Techniques
  2. CSS Typography Techniques
  3. sIFR Instructions and Resources
  4. Luxury Type

Theory and Information

Sites that will help you better understand typography

  1. Elements of Typographic Style for the Web
  2. Web Typography Sucks
  3. Typogrify
  4. Choosing Web Typefaces
  5. 13 Ways to look at a typeface
  6. Web Style Guide: Typography
  7. Elegant Web Typography
  8. Font Survey
  9. Whitespace and Typography
  10. Web Page Design For Designers: Typography
  11. Five Simple Steps to better typography

Baselines and Vertical Rhythm

One very important aspect of Typography and typesetting is to produce a baseline rhythm. These sites will teach you how to set up a baseline and some shortcuts to implementing it

  1. Typography baselines Rhythm Deciphered
  2. Setting Type on the Web
  3. Typesetting Javascript Tool
  4. CSS Type – testing type for pixel perfectionists
  5. Fonts

    1. Typophile
    2. 20 best free fonts
    3. More Free Quality Fonts
    4. Favorite Fonts of 2006
    5. Favorite Fonts of 2005

    Typography Books

    1. Elements of typographic style
    2. Thinking with type
    3. Typography 27
    4. Typography Workbook