Web Design and Marketing Solutions for Business Websites – Review

Author, blogger, and web designer Kevin Potts sent me a copy of his new book Web Design and Marketing Solutions for Business Websites to review. Originally I intended to review it on my podcast, but my latest podcast is not quite ready and he did send me the book some time ago.

To be honest I expect to know most of what the book contained, after all I work in marketing and web design every day, I know quite a bit on the subject. However as I began to read the book I found myself quite surprised and actually learned a lot.

While the book is written more for the business owner who needs to plan a website, there is plenty of information in the book that will help the agency or web developer as well. The strength of the book is really how Kevin walks you through REALLY planning your website to be a success. This is something that so many people, designers and businesses alike really neglect to do.

Whether it is discussing what should be on an “about page” to increase conversions, or developing a customer support section that improves ROI or lowers expenses. He really lays out everything you should think about, and shows you how planning is going to make a huge difference between a successful site and one that simply exists.

The chapter I found most interesting was about online advertising – a subject that has not gotten the attention it deserves. So much focus is instead, on using SEO or PPC exclusively. However online advertising can be a powerful way to increase sales if you know how to go about it, and that is exactly what Potts teaches you. He Covers target demographics, methods of media placement, etc…

Overall the book is a great choice for the business owner or agency alike. It could even be used as a great manual for clients to learn the importance of planning, and importance of USABILITY over excessive flair, poor labeling, or inaccessibility. I have some pages and sections outlined to help me in persuading clients in the practices of “good” web design as a marketing technique.