Useful WordPress Hacks, Functions and Routines

The longer you work with WordPress the more often you find yourself needing to do something slightly beyond what’s immediately obvious. Sometimes it’s modifying a portion of the admin, other times it’s using a custom walker to pull a field into the menu system. If you’ve ever dealt with custom roles and permissions you know how tricky that can be.

Finding the necessary solutions can be an endeavor in themselves. You’ve probably found yourself hunting through several StackOverflow threads trying every solution until one of them happens to work. So have we, but we want to make this process easier for others than it was for us. So to help those like others have helped us, we’ve committed to documenting the solutions we’ve struggled to come across.

This post will serve as an index for all these types of solutions, so expect us to add more content often! Over time we’ll likely improve the organization, right now there are few enough articles that we can just list them individually. This is just one way we’d like to give back to the WordPress community that has given us so much.

Note: We’re using the word “hacks” to describe quick, effective ways to take advantage of a WordPress feature that’s not immediately obvious. We’re not suggesting actually hacking the WordPress core or hacking WordPress websites.

This is a collection of the posts we’ve put together that fit this description.