Truth is stranger than fiction

While I keep most of my posting related to the web or business, what happened to me this last week was to obscure to forgo sharing.

Thursday night I hoped into my car, turned the key, and jumped on the freeway directed across the state to visit Nicole in the lovely BFE portion of Michigan otherwise known as Allendale and Grand Valley. The trip was going pretty well, as I passed the time making a few phone calls to talk about a project I started working on recently.

While on the phone I started to notice that there was an exceptional amount of wind this night – however, this was not too unusual as a winter storm was scheduled to blow through with in hours of my arrival of GVSU. I got off the phone, and started listening to my podcasts noticing casually that the wind was starting to get worse… and that there was a draft in my car.

Something is not right….

Somehow air was getting into the car, but I couldn’t figure out what was open. The windows were definitely closed, the rear side windows were definitely closed. What the hell!? Pulling off at the next exit I noticed that the sun roof top cover was open a quarter of an inch – that must have been it. I double checked all the windows just in case, and finding nothing open I hopped on the freeway again.

The wind noise was still there, but with no options I decided to keep going.

With in two minutes of getting back on the freeway my rear windshield ejected itself from my car. When I say ejected, I don’t mean the glue let go, the glass fell backwards or even slid backwards. There was a loud *PUNG* sound as my 50lbs rear window flew backwards, catching air, soaring into the abyss of night behind me.


At this point I could only stare in my rear view mirror at the gaping hole behind me with a dumbfounded look wondering “Did that just happen?” Immediately racking my brain for some logical explanation as to what could have possibly caused this and finding none – I kept driving. Too far to turn back, I continued onward.

Upon stopping I could find no reason as to why the glass departed from my friendship. The glue didn’t look like it had melted, torn, or separated. The wires attached to the glass had sheered instantly. There was no glass residue like it had cracked or partially shattered… there were no explanations.

Thats my store, I have never herd of that happening before nor can I find any reasonable explanation.