Pfizer closing in Ann Arbor

It looks like Pfizer is closing down their Ann Arbor Office. This is a frightening wake up call for Michigan and Ann Arbor in general. With the auto industry struggling and having mass layoffs, Michigan has looked into technology and medicine as the future of our economy. With the closing of Pfizer this gives a harsh reality that we need to be doing more and looking broader.

Even with Google moving into Ann Arbor, the amount of jobs that will be lost and gained nets over 1,000. This will have a damaging effect on Ann Arbors other commercial industries including real estate (be prepared to see hundreds of homes and condos trickle onto the market with very few draws into Ann Arbor.) With less jobs and people, less entrepreneurs, the medical industries are likely to see a drop in business as well.

So, what is Granholm really doing for us? I venture, nothing…

Maybe we have to do something for ourselves?

Ann Arbor is blessed as being a breading ground for smart entrepreneurs. So now there has never been a better time to focus on local first. Even though Ann Arborites have always been relatively local focused, maybe we need to step up a notch. Focus more on Ann Arbor restaurants rather than national chains. I call everyone to Think Local First in Wasthenaw County.