Out of sight, website out of mind

Sometimes you have a blunder that is so stupid, that you hate to admit it to anyone… but later find the whole situation so hopeless and dumb founding you have to share it with everyone simply because it becomes funny… and by “you” I mean “me”, because I doubt this is the type of thing that would happen to most people.

Hopefully no one noticed the slightly embarrassing “expired domain holding page” that was up for the later part of the night, but in simply writing that I have already informed you of my oversight that may or may not make me look like a fool.

But really, it wasn’t my fault!

Now a long time ago using an e-mail far far expired, I had registered this domain through an online company I had never used before and never ended up using again. A year ago said e-mail used to register the domain/account ceased to exist and conveniently the computer I had done all of this through had an impressive hard drive failure, erasing any e-mail and records of the login and password instantly.

So what did I do?

Being the genius that I am, I apparently subconsciously thought the best plan of action was to put myself in a situation where I could no longer manage my own domain name by forgetting my password – and then proceeded to assume that my domains registration would last forever. Sounds reasonable to me?

So when I went to visit my site tonight, and found a domain holding place I was a little shocked to say the least. That is the last time I trust my brain again…

I can fix this… right?

I then went on a crusade to find out where I registered the site, and somehow actually managed to renew the domain with out ever logging in. Hey works for me, I should be in like flint! Right? Wrong!.

In my haste and impressive ability to handle my own domain I neglected to save or write down any of the renewal information, not even considering that WorldPay was sending the receipt to my work e-mail… which wasn’t functioning. Hold the applause.

Equipped with no renewal receipt, no login name, and no password (and yes I tried guessing)… I did what anyone would do, I called my girlfriend and moped.

Through this struggle I found a help ticket system where I promptly opened a ticket under my again, non-functional work e-mail and also neglected to write down the ticket number banning me from reading any responses. I would like to say that I was just frantic, but that might have been giving myself too much credit.

Opening another ticket, I luckily had a few quick responses with the register informing me that the password was being sent to my old-non-existent e-mail account and I could get the password by letting them know the order number for my domain renewal. The order number that I of course… didn’t have.

Dear God, if you are paying attention… please stop laughing

All this information which could have saved me was being sent to two e-mail accounts that no longer functioned. I could not have been more screwed. Pleading with the tech support team, I insisted I could confirm any of the credit card billing or number information, they had mercy on my poor soul and used the last four digits of my account to turn the name servers back on and get my site live again.

This occurred over a two hour period where I was lucky enough to have my wonderful girlfriend to keep me sane. She somehow made me laugh despite my ramblings and whining about possible lost google PR and important e-mails that I was missing.

So let this be a lesson to everyone, make sure your contact information is up to date and keep track of when your domain expires. However my guess is that most people don’t overlook these details, but Gary Salton would say that my strength is not in the remembering the details – but instead creativity and understanding.

How much does that work against me? Hard to say!