October 12, the day it snowed

Sitting at work, with my cup of coffee to my right and my blog open on my laptop instead of work, I am mostly trying to think of a way to describe what happened this morning. Upon leaving my condo, I was confronted with a bully that seems to only come around once a year.

I often make a big deal out of Michigan winters, complaining endlessly about how they last six months, how I hate the feeling of being unable to be outside with out the cold getting to me. It is also a pain to have to put the tire chains on the car. Though they are pretty simple to use, as according to GrandPrixTimes, “the average tire chain design will use metal chains that link together around the tire, forming a kind of mesh. The most basic versions will simply wrap around in a cross pattern or as bars,” still having to use them.

Today, my argument against Michigan winter was strengthened. Winter no longer starts in December or late November, it starts Mid October. The amount of snow that accumulated on my car on the way to work, was definitive proof. I had to read on BestofMachinery‘s list of snow blowers earlier this year because of that.

To my surprise, I almost enjoyed it. I went back to my car after reaching the warmth of my loft office, to get my camera and snap some pictures. I hardly mind the pain in my right ear from the cold air and the wetness of my hair.

This will no doubt wear off, as daily light snow showers turn into endless wet, sludge, and fridge exteriors.

Winter is hear already, awesome….