My new design, 5 hours after my last one….

While I am not positive, I have a good feeling that completely redesigning a site with in a few hours of launching the previous design has to be some sort of record. My previous design had some cool elements but it really didn’t communicate what I wanted it too. Too much comic, too much contrast, too constricting.

I tried too hard to use the red bar, white splat, and 3D man of my previous design. I wanted to create a branding, but eventually decided that my “branding” didn’t really reflect what I wanted it too. So I started from scratch.

What does this brand say? Clam, Peaceful, Serene…

I guess I feel that I am a calm and laid back person. My efforts before to write “controversial” posts are pretty obviously forced. Not to say that I am not passionate (because I am), but with a pathassist approach. I try to convince those with rationality not aggression.

Hopefully this new design communicates that, and hopefully I can write true to my personality.

Typography is important, even on the web

I am adopting elements from Typography applied to the web. Since this design is 90% CSS, with only three images (quite good for me). The use of CSS typography is going to really make or break the design. Hopefully it will be all I need.