Hello Rebooters

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone stopping by who is viewing my site from either CSS Reboot or Standards Reboot. Just to give you a quick rundown on myself while I have your attention…

I actually reboot way too often

I not only totally redesigned this site 3 times this year, but each of those had significant tweaking and alterations before I scrapped them all together. I like a design for a good two weeks before I think I can do better and go back to the drawing board.

I am a podcaster

More of a co-podcaster actually. Dennis Lembree invited me to join his excellent Accessible Web Design Podcast a few months ago, and I really enjoy doing it. I have talked to plenty of great names in the web design world on the show, and you should listen if you haven’t yet.

I write articles

Mostly about CSS, Web Design, and SEO. Here are my more popular articles just in case you are interested:

Thanks for your time, and hope you come back =)