“Best viewed in 800×600 on IE” returns…

I see it more and more, a bad habbit that is rearing it’s ugly head on the web again… only this time under the guise of web standards.

“Site best viewed in FireFox – download FireFox + Google toolbar for better browsing!”

While I understand the frustration many designers have when dealing with making a site IE compatable, and I absolutely love the idea of more users browsing with FireFox, we have an obligation to make sure the IE version of a site looks just as good as it’s gecko counter-part. It is, after all, the most common browser in use hand’s down.

It wasn’t until I saw this “ie incompatible site” that I realized how bad this trend has spread. If one browses said page in IE, you would quickly see this…

The designers outright do not let you browse their site if you are on IE. They shut out 80% of the Internet with out batting an eye.

This is no different than the painful old trend of stating how the web page should be viewed, IE: “Best viewed in 800×600 on IE 3.2”.

While the encouragement of using a standard browser is desirable, we can’t start valuing the appearance on a browser used predominantly by techies and designers.

As web designers, we really must quietly spend the extra hours to make sure your site is cross-browser compatible. In time web standards will be wider spread, so all we can do is wait for better adoption of FireFox, or adoption of future IE releases. Telling users that you are too lazy or not versed enough in CSS to make a site render properly in IE (even though the rest of the world can) – is beyond unprofessional.