2nd hand dig effect

By now we all know’s massive potential for traffic to a given site if it makes it to the first page, but I have never considered the possible effect of simply being linked on a page that has made it to the front page. Last night I noticed my daily traffic had jumped a mild 1,400% from what it normally would be on any given week day.

Huge traffic spike!

My first assumption was that people finally realized my genius and were flocking to my blog to read my wonderful and insightful articles and posts. This of course, turned out NOT to be the case. Either people still have yet to realize my genius or more than likely I am no smarter than a 11 year old and my posts are far from insightful.

On a normal day my blog receives a mild 100 uniques a day, mostly from Google and CSS Tux. After joining a few days prior, I decided to submit my accessible css rollover article to their members section. The article had generated a few links, bookmarks, feed subscriptions, and traffic before so I figured I would whore it up a little more.

Later that day cssglobe made it to the front page of dig, and encountered the dig swarm.

Apparently the dig swarm then flowed from the front page of cssglobe, to the articles listed with in – one of them being my page.

In addition to the large increase in traffic, I did get hit with a mildly significant increase as well – requiring 10 more bookmarks for my listed article (compared to my previous 3 in total).

What this means for dig?

I could ramble here about how this shows that dig has gotten so large that even sites contained with in a site that makes it to the top gets a “shock-wave” of traffic from the dig swarm… but I would rather just say it is interesting, and almost adds a dimension to dig. If you see a dig item that seems to be getting a lot of votes and is likely to make it to the front page would adding a comment on said blog funnel some traffic your way? It seems like that is the case, and hey maybe I will try it out a few times.