23 Great Web Design Books for Under $5

If you’re anything like me you probably have six books you are reading at any one time. My thirst for knowledge is unrelenting… and I bet your’s is too. While there are few investments more worthwhile than your own wisdom the constant purchasing of books can put a hurting on your wallet. In my case, I often find I have spent hundreds of dollars on books throughout the course of a year. Recently, completely by accident, I found a potential solution to this ongoing book addiction. While browsing through some design books on I came across more than a dozen great e-books available for less than $5. Take a look, I bet you will be surprised what you can get for the price of a cup of coffee.

If you don’t have a kindle you can get the software for your Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, etc…

1. What is HTML5 – FREE!

2. Best of Smashing Magazine – $1.99

3. Web Design Basics, Color Choices – $0.99

4. SEO Web Design and Search Engine Concepts – $0.99

5. Web 2.0 Heros – $1.08

6. The Little Black Book of Design – $1.99 / Free for Prime

7. Fire the Web Committee – $2.51

8. HTML 5 Quick Notes – $2.99

9. Smashing Magazine’s Professional Workflow for Designers – $4.99

10. Smashing Magazine’s Professional Web Design Vol 1 – $4.99

11. Smashing Magazine’s Professional Web Design Vol 2  – $4.99

12. Smashing Magazine’s Mastering Photoshop for Web Design – $4.99

13. Smashing Magazine’s Master Photoshop for Web Design Volume 2 – $4.99

14. Mobile Design for iPod & iPad – $4.99

15. Getting the Hang of Web Typography – $4.99

16. Successful Freelancing for Web Designers – $4.99

17. How to Create Selling E-Commerce Websites – $4.99

18. WordPress Tutorials – $4.99

19. WordPress Essentials – $4.99

20. Mastering WordPress – $4.99

21. SEO Made Simple – $4.95

22. Web Designers Idea Book – Free for Prime Subscribers

23. 21 Sure Fire Ways to Market Web Design Services

21 Surefire Ways to Market Web Design


If you didn’t find what you were looking for here try searching through the Kindle section of Amazon and sort by lowest price. There were plenty of great looking books I didn’t include in this list. It will be worthwhile to check back throughout the year as well. I predict the affordable e-book trend will continue to grow as the publishing playing field is leveled and authors can make decent returns despite lower prices.