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Win a Free Copy of the Web Design Sketchbook

Despite the fact that so many tasks are being turned from “paper” based (messaging, banking, statements, GTD, etc…) I always find myself crawling back to paper when it comes to design. Maybe it is the low fidelity that makes it easier to quickly spew out ideas with out getting caught up in the details. It could also be the fact that it is significantly less intimidating than a blank photoshop document that eventually must represent a finalized concept. Regardless of the reason, paper just seems to work when it comes to brain storming design concepts and interactions.

While we have used everything from blank paper to grid paper at my design firm, I always felt there had to be a better way to do it. Something just didn’t feel right, especially when it came to understanding how your concept was going to look in a browser window or on a monitor.

To get feedback on the product (as we certainly will be evolving it over time) we are excited to be giving away 5 initial copies. To enter for the give away simply leave a comment on our StylizedWeb.com blog, right now there are only 17 comments so your likelihood of winning is pretty high!

2 thoughts Win a Free Copy of the Web Design Sketchbook

  1. This is great Ross. I love sketching ideas and wireframes on paper (the Behance DotGrid is my tool of choice) before diving in digitally. It’s nice to step back to the analog era of design and just let your mind wander a bit. I have even dedicated Friday’s as my Digital Day Off. It’s too bad I came across this so late. Is your book still available?

    – Justin

  2. Can’t beat good old pencil and paper for getting straight to the point… or MSPaint! ;O)

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