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Website Strategy – High Level Overview

A few weeks ago I presented at LA2M, a networking lunch in Ann Arbor that covers new and upcoming marketing topics and trends. With website strategy being a passion of mine and something that all to many people overlook when it comes to their corporate website, I decided to give a high level overview on what website strategy is and the essential points of it. Despite some technical problems with the mic, we were able to get a pretty good video recording along with my powerpoint slides.

It should be a great refresher for those who are well versed in web strategy and a good intro for those who don’t know much about it at all. Please take a look at the LA2M site here.

2 thoughts Website Strategy – High Level Overview

  1. Just got a chance to go over the presentation from way back when. Great stuff Ross. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ross. This presentation was very informative thanks for providing it. I really like your blog and the information you provide is very helpful. Would you be willing to write a piece that offers advice to those just starting out in the world of web site design and development. Such as how to approach a web presence if you have no portfolio etc. I’m in that position now. After almost two years of study, I’m prepared to offer professional grade web design and developer services but have refused to build web sites until I felt I was ready to offer quality skills. Just an idea. Thanks again for the presentation!
    Mt. Pleasant MI


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