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Verizon Wireless Customer Service – More like customer dis-service

Now normally I am not a huge fan about blog complaints about companies, I would rather write informational content and I believe in second chances. Having helped companies on the other end of the spectrum (dealing with reputation management), I don’t want to potentially abuse any potential power/influence through a blog post.

However, Verizon Wireless has disgusted me with in a matter of 4 days of getting their service.

Day 1

Bought the LG Voyager, came with a kit of equipment (holster, bluetooth, car charger), purchased the most expensive plan at unlimited data, txt, minutes, etc…

Day 2

Went to call customer service to port my old phone number over to the new phone. Can’t find the customer service number anywhere. It is not in the phone, or in any of the books that come with it. I had to call the billing phone number and get transferred.

Representative asks me a few questions regarding my information for the porting process. Tells me she needs to transfer me to the “porting center” to complete the process. Transfer is messed up and I get kicked back to the main menu. Upon getting a hold of a new representative and explaining the situation, she says my port went through and that with in 2 hours or 2 days the phone will stop being able to make out going calls and all I need to do is hit *228 to activate it. Fair enough….

Day 3 / Day 4

Number doesn’t transfer over, no big deal…

Day 5

Decided that the Voyager was not for me. Not great with e-mail, no real good applications to read books, RSS feeds, etc… Plus it keeps telling me that my applications have “expired” and that I need to pay to reobtain them? (My e-mail has expired?)

No problem, the Verizon sales person told me I could change the phone with in 15 days if I don’t like it. Great!

Head to the mall to replace it, wait 20 minutes in line because there are three people before me that need help and one sales rep. Great staffing…

Rep tells me they are out of blackberry curve phones and to visit a new location, fair enough.

Drive down to the new location where there are three sales reps and three people ahead of me that need help. I wait 30 minutes while they take their time helping customers, spending long periods of time in the back room “transferring numbers” while I and the long line behind me wait to actually get help.

The customer behind me comments “I hate coming in here, I always end up waiting 30 minutes. Sometimes I come in here and people are just standing around not helping customers.”

A customer at the front desk being helped mentions “I was in here the other day and they were helping new customers over existing customers.”

When I finally get my chance to go up, I explain my situation. I am told right off the bat that there will be a $20 activation fee for switching phones… great, was never told that– but whatever.

While looking at the receipt she notices that the phone clip that was part of my original package was actually rung up as phone case and she can’t return it. I will have to exchange it back at the original Verizon station. Great…

Additionally I am told that I can only switch the phones once, am I sure that I want this phone? Well after 45 minutes worth of waiting I hardly want to spend more time nit picking over phones and asking questions, especially with 4-5 frustrated people in line behind me, one of which only wants to pay her bill. So I agree that it is indeed the phone I want.

The rep starts trying to switch the phone over, pauses while staring at the computer and says “Why are you doing this to me?”

Turns out that because my phone number was never switched over, it has a future dated order and she can’t switch the phones.

To try and fix the situation she calls up the customer service phone porting number. The representative who answers the phone asks her a few questions, before she puts the headset down, puts it on speakerphone and says “The phone is hurting my ear.” At this point we are trying to hear and talk to the phone-rep while two other in store sales reps are asking and talking to the other customers in line. Great…

The rep informs us that I was never put through the “port confirmation” process. After I go through this process I will get a text message with in 2 hours to 1 day that will confirm the port has completed. So much for the information I was told on day 2 regarding the phone not making calls and activating it.

I ask why I was never put through the confirmation process or why I was told conflicting information she simply reads off why I need to go through the port confirmation process again.

After going through the port confirmation process the rep comes back on and asks me for the password for the previous carrier account… a password I don’t have with me. With out that password we can not port the number, I can not switch phones. At this point it would be an hour wasted.

Keep in mind it has been clearly explained several times at this point that the reason we are calling is so that I can exchange the phone. I have to bring up and ask if I can simply cancel the port. This of course sends the phone rep into a whole speech about how I could get a new temporary number, and port the number later.

The in store representative has to ask why I can’t just keep my existing temporary number and port it over later, to which the phone rep again goes off and talks about how I can cancel the existing temporary number and get a new one.

Meanwhile I hear a customer next to me get asked if they would like to consider upgrading their minutes when their service is up next week, to which the customer responds “I am NOT going back with Verizon.”

We finally sort out that I CAN in fact keep my existing temporary number and just cancel the port. The in store representative hangs up on the phone rep before she can finish her “end of call speech” about what we did and what I can do if I have any more questions.

At this point it had been over an hour and the store was closing, I was the last customer in the store. They lock up, and my representative worked on setting up and activating my blackberry.

While waiting for the activation my representative pauses to try and smash an ant on the wall with a stapler. She comments “God I can’t wait for Orkin to come next week.” One of her co-workers says something, and she responds “I think they are coming out of the bathroom.”

Another co-worker answers the phone, sounds like her boyfriend. She says “I am still at work” and hangs up. The rest of the workers begin joking around about significant others who call at work, and other personal life related gossip.

Finally I am given the activated phone, a mere hour and twenty minutes later.

More food for thought, last Friday Nicole whole is also on Verizon went to have her phone numbers transfered from her old phone to her new phone… They accidentally erased all of her numbers on her old phone. Their consolation? Waved the $15 transfer fee… wow.

Even more food for thought… I went to Jimmy Johns for dinner next door after Verizon Wireless, they had me paid, my sandwich made, and me out the door in less than three minutes.

It is unfortunate that the state of the wireless industry is at this level. If you talk to anyone with any service they are not completely happy. Additionally in talking to other marketing professionals I have learned that all of the phone companies are competing to switch customers over from each other, there is NO focus on retaining existing customers.

This means that all they care about is getting you to sign that two year contract, who cares if you are happy after that. Who is going to spend the cancellation fees?

I plan on contacting Verizon customer service and telling them my story, I will post any updates here. Has anyone else had good / bad experience with Verizon, or any other wireless carrier?


Verizon, in it’s efforts to continue to want to keep their customers dissatisfied has again treated me horribly. Upon calling again to get my number ported over, I am given conflicting information again from the Verizon representative. They now state that it will take 72 hours, and they are going to mail me a consent form. Uhh ok… upon questioning this situation I am transfered over to 3 different people, all who ask how I need help and forward me on to the next person.

When I get someone who seems to be able to help, he tells me that I can confirm over the phone. I go through the steps to confirm, and again I am not asked for a pass code. This representative states I don’t need it and that I will get a text message with in 1 hour to 1 day.

Alright, fair enough. I have had enough of this, and call to speak with a manager.

The first customer support representative I am connected to interupts me half way through me explaining why I want to speak with a manager laced with attitude asking “Sir, you have only had the service for 5 days, you haven’t even recieved a bill, what problems could you possibly have?”

I explain… and she puts me on hold to talk with another manager. I am placed on hold for 15 minutes, where manager “Justin” comes on the line where his tone pretty much sums up that he couldn’t care less. I explain the situation and he tells me “I am sorry, we can offer you a $35 credit to your account and forward a complaint to the store.”

Um, $35 at this point is an insult. I have wasted ten times that in billable hours. How does a complaint to the store help me at all?

I explain this, and he says “I can’t do anything but offer you a $35 credit.” Despite telling him that I am extremely dissatisfied with the service, and am prepared to tell anyone NOT to go with Verizon in addition to the fact that I just signed up for a $3,600 contract over two years, he failed to make any effort to change my opinion.

This means either A) Manager Justin is not fit to be a manager, or B) Verizon doesn’t give their managers enough power to actually correct issues that have caused great customer dissatisfaction.

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  3. That situation sucks, what a waste of time. It all seems to depend on who you are working with in the store. If you get a pro, you’ll be out the door in no time. If you get a trainee, clear your calendar because you’ll be there for a while. I’ve been with Verizon for over 5 years, multiple contract renewals, new phone purchases, adding/removing lines, calling plan changes, etc. I try to do it all over the phone because their call centers are better and I can multi-task while on hold.

    There have been some rough moments: long lines at stores, understaffed stores, lack of communication between departments, lack of organizational/procedural knowledge by the sales staff, and some small fees that I’ve had to debate and get credits for.

    All in all, over a 5 year period, I would give them a 7 out of 10 for customer service. All of these rough moments were handled and sorted out eventually. I kind of feel bad for them because they get called out so often, but really I blame Verizon as a company for not training salespeople well enough to know how each process works. Maybe they need to streamline their processes.

    As annoying as these inconveniences have been, I’m still convinced that Verizon has the best signal coverage for any phone service. Besides, they could never be as bad as Comcast 😉

  4. One more thing, I would also recommend that if you are a Verizon customer, call and ask if there are any better plans for you based on your average usage. A few months ago I called to activate my wife’s new phone, they told me that we were overpaying b/c she wasn’t using all of her minutes or texts. Also, they told us that our corporate discount had been increased.

    I called to activate a phone, but ended up saving $30 a month in the process! They are on my good side for a while until next May when my current contract is up…then it’s iPhone or Android time, baby!

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  6. When they say manager they mean someone who stuck around for a year while the grunts rotated out to work at McDonalds and who has become a manager either by default or because his calls got ‘quick-killed’ more often than someone elses.

    The only time they offer a better deal is when you are already out the door. That is why their best sales people are on the cancellations line.

  7. I work for Verizon Wireless Customer Care and most reps like myself would take great offense to customers such as yourself categorizing every rep and making every rep sound uneducated, uncaring, and unwilling to help. Yes, I do understand that there are reps that just don’t care and are only there because they need a job. But there are reps such as myself that come into work everyday with a smile on my face and come to work to help people and do help people from start to finish. I have had more than a few handfuls of people that initally call in to cancel their service, and by the time I get done with them, decide not to cancel their service and usually request to speak with a supervisor to let them know that I do take the time to explain things and fix things to the best of my authority. I’m sorry that you feel the way you do about Verizon customer service, but in a recent survey, Verizon customer service was ranked #1 in customer service by JD Power and Associates. I wish that customers wouldn’t take their equipment/billing problems out on representatives that are sincere and that are really trying to help.

  8. I work for Verizon Wireless Customer Care and most reps like myself would take great offense to customers such as yourself categorizing every rep and making every rep sound uneducated, uncaring, and unwilling to help. Yes, I do understand that there are reps that just don’t care and are only there because they need a job. But there are reps such as myself that come into work everyday with a smile on my face and come to work to help people and do help people from start to finish. I have had more than a few handfuls of people that initally call in to cancel their service, and by the time I get done with them, decide not to cancel their service and usually request to speak with a supervisor to let them know that I do take the time to explain things and fix things to the best of my authority. I’m sorry that you feel the way you do about Verizon customer service, but in a recent survey, Verizon customer service was ranked #1 in customer service by JD Power and Associates. I wish that customers wouldn’t take their equipment/billing problems out on representatives that are sincere and that are really trying to help!

  9. I too work for Verizon Wireless. I am a customer service representative in a store and more often that not I hear, “The phone you sold me is crap, but i’m not trying to take it out on you.” This attittude is very hard to ignore when my job is to satisfy your every need. There are defects and the manufacturer is very well aware of them, but there is only so much we can do in the store for customers. I could only hope consumers would understand that they are purchasing small plastic pieces of telecomunicating equipment, they are not perfect and if you drop them or get them wet they will break. I work with other customer service reps that take every measure possible to keep customers from leaving our store upset or disatisfied, but there are times this can not be avoided. A phone is an investment, a lot of people use it for business so I understand why they would get frustrated when it stops working, but coming into a store and threatening to cancell your five family lines is really not a valid motivator for the manager to break the rules for you. Customers need to have fair expectations about teir equipment and not get offended when we try to tell them that the best reason to buy a Blackberry is not because it’s cute, but because it meets their specific business needs. I’m sorry if you haven’t had the best experiance with a rep in a store or over the phone but some of us work very hard not to let angry and sometimes threatning customers keep us from giving you the best service we have to offer. You may deal with a phone issue for one or two hours, we deal with them 40 plus hours a week.

  10. @Amanda – Good for you, you should be promoted or train the rest of the staff. Like it or not, I and the rest of Verizon’s customer base pay your salary. As a customer giving hard earned money to your company every month I have a say in how I feel I should be treated.

    I gave managers and service reps plenty of chances to change my mind, and they never made any effort to do so.

    @Sabrina – Sounds like a different issue. If you don’t like your job in customer service I would find a different line of work. That is what you will encounter in any customer service job on some level.

  11. To both of you, I would note that blaming a customer (or customers) for the customer service problems, or telling them that they are wrong (the JD Power comment) is hardly a way to handle a customer service issue. In fact it is likely to make people resent the company even more.

    As a business owner I understand where you are coming from, but many would take those responses as either “you have no reason to be upset” or “it is your fault that you had a bad experience.” Such messages make me think that maybe I should use a phone service that understands my needs. Verizon apparently doesn’t?

  12. Verizon is probably the worst carrier to deal with. After you sign the dotted line the customer service goes out the door. Plus they are super expensive for what you get. I dont miss them at all and save 50+ each month by not having them.

  13. I’m on verizon for both cell and broadband access and both times I’ve had to spend hours and hours trying to get to the right person who could finally help me. By that point I’m ready to cancel, announce to the world that VW sucks, etc… yes, the people who are finally able to help are very very good, but why drive customers completely batty before helping us? I spoke with a “customer service” rep re: broadband service and not only was blamed for excessive usage and insinuated that we must have been gaming 24/7 but said that they didn’t have to do anything about cancelling and that anything they did at all for us would be a courtesy only. We are not gamers but if we were, customers shouldn’t be blamed for it. I work in customer service too and I agree with the person who said that blaming the customer doesn’t win them over. I know quite well that you’re dealing with it 40 hours per week, but if you can’t deal with it, get out. FYI, streaming radio stations to be better informed is probably using up too many MB–stay stupid and shop instead. I’m not sure who their market is but broadband service is useless for anyone who streams or watches youtube, even a few times per day. We are probably going to stick out the contract, then I’m moving us out of here.

  14. Oh verizon customer service, I too bought the LG Voyager recently, only (I repeat ONLY) because I managed to talk a CSR down to selling it for $49.99 after an instant $50 rebate. I just received a bill for the phone – for $158.99. When I called to inquire why the price was so much higher than what I had agreed to pay I was told that they didn’t have a record of anyone telling me that I could get the phone for that price and that they were sorry, but that’s just the way it was. After going up to a “supervisor” who was unable to offer anything more than a half-hearted (I think you might be lying) apology I was told that there was no one who could help me and even though the conversation had been recorded there was no way to look up what it was about, even though they were able to confirm that I had indeed made several calls around the time to confirm pricing. Needless to say, after my arguing for close to 20 minutes and my husband finally threatening to take our service elsewhere the “supervisor” reluctantly agreed that he could drop the price down to $58.99. Is it my fault that no one took notes of the call, even after I asked repeatedly for them to confirm the price of $50? According to Verizon, it most certainly is.

  15. Contrary to what the Verizon employees have replied poor quality service is part of the American corporate model that is propagated by the corporations being inundated with MBA’s. In MBA school you will NEVER hear any talk about “customers” or “service”. Customer service reps for all corporations, not including the wonderful Mom & Pop businesses of course, are specifically trained to do what they do. The long hold times are part of a plan to get customers to hang up so the complaint doesn’t get through. The reps are trained to avoid putting you through to a supervisor and talking to someone in management is impossible. None of this is a mistake, it is a deliberate part of the plan.
    The best indicators of bad customer service are:
    The harder it is to get someone in management the worse customer relations are. This is so the customer cannot tell management how things really are.
    If the product involves a contract the primary reason for the contract is to prevent the customer from leaving when experiencing the inevitable poor customer service.
    If support of farmed out to an overseas location the reason for that is because it is cheap not because it is good.
    So, the type of things people complain about is not accidental regardless of how much they apologize.

  16. Verizon customer service is the worst I have EVER encountered. Absolutely every agent (but one out of 7) has been either snotty or stupid. The stupid ones gave me the wrong telephone number when I reactivated my phone on my data loop line, (the nice rep couldn’t believe how stupid they were either!) This resulted in my giving out a new number that no one could call me on!

    I had to go through a verification process, which, after trying to get through their automated system, you are already frustrated. I spoke to the rudest rep I have ever encountered, I ended up screaming into the phone telling him he BETTER transfer me to his supervisor (this was after he was refusing to). The supervisor was cold but she at least wasn’t a smart alec! She just acted like she couldn’t care any less!

    Today, I had a rep that I thought was going to be nice till he said, “Didn’t you HEAR me? You’re NOT listening to me!” I then told him that I did not appreciate his tone of voice nor his talking down to me. I later told him I was a CSR also and he handled the call okay till he started talking down to me! He said, “THANKS for the coaching!” He was a smart ass.

    I absolutely hate this company’s customer service. I was just sent a bill that was two years old from having Direct TV on my Verizon bill. Direct TV said that I didn’t owe them anything. This rep said it was because Verizon paid it, now I have monthly late fees for two years on a bill Verizon refused to send me! (Apparently, when you disconnect your phone and Direct TV, for some odd reason, Verizon doesn’t include any outstanding charges on your DSL bill that you get monthly from them. It wasn’t till I reconnected my telephone portion that I got this stupid bill that I never knew about! THEN, I’m told they just notified Direct TV that I had a past due bill for them from 2 years ago!) How stupid is that?

    I HATE THIS COMPANY and I refuse to ever even consider a cellphone account with them now! They ARE ignorant! I am so frustrated but thankful I have a blog to voice my anger since I can’t find a satisfaction survey to take for Verizon or be able to contact them to complain! I don’t give a flip if any of you readers are CSR’s for Verizon, your overall customer service sucks!

  17. I just called Verizon Customer Service and received absolutely no help. I was told one thing and they wrote something different in my file. I asked for a refund of $19.90 because I was not aware of $1.99/MB charge. I used 10 MBs and got stuck with the bill of amost 20 bucks. I have a hard time paying 20 bucks for something that takes forever to download and I don’t understand how they can get away with charging so much for a MB. The representative told me that in order to remove that fee, they would have to have me sign up for a premium plan that costs $69.00. Now why would I want to do that on a RAZR phone that has a download speed of about 14.4Kb/sec. That’s worse than dial up on a tiny little screen. I have more to say but I am just frustrated and wanted this information to be on the internet for the world to see. I can’t stand VW customer service. They wouldn’t even offer me a refund for something that I didn’t know about. Plus, the woman that I was talking to seemed to be trying to spin me up. She just had a snobby voice and she was making me mad. I don’t see how VW is keeping anyone. This isn’t the first time I have had a bad experience.

  18. I work for Verizon customer service in a call center. I get paid per call and I don’t give two shits about a customer. If your issue lasts longer than 7 minutes, I don’t give it the time of day. I must say I do help people as much as I can within Verizon policy, but aside from that, there is nothing a rep can or will do. The main issue is a customer who has what I like to call the “entitlement” mentality. What this means is a customer who starts the call with “I’ve been a Verizon customer for (N) years now, what can you GIVE me.” I can give you the number to another provider, because when it comes down to we are all the same. Sprint, At*t, T Mobile. All companies are the same animal who have poorly trained employees with low wages. In all honesty, a call takes 7 minutes for me because I know wireless and phones like the back of my hand. If you want real service, take ownership of your issues, don’t over complicate your service with ports and seed of the pants plan changes, you will only fuck yourself because you have a 1/5 chance of getting a rep who is fresh out of training and has no knowledge. Also, if you talk to a rep who is qualified, trust what they say, reps receive no commission or incentive. And NEVER call e services. They are a bunch of uneducated Ebonics speaking morons.

  19. Also, READ YOUR CONTRACT. You are liable for all megabyte charges even if “nobody told you.” Pay attention to your service and don’t make mistakes. Always get a second opinion and finally to you ignorant customers: GET EDUCATED. Wireless is not simple no matter how you slice it and customers need to take ownership of their legal agreements or GO PREPAY!

  20. Wow Mike, you are everything that is wrong with customer service. I am giving you my hard earned money and it’s my fault that you understand how your company works better than I?

    Say wouldn’t it be nice if the service representatives took the time to teach the customers what they need to know in order to understand their contract fully? I would pay extra for that, I would leave Verizon for that.

  21. Besides what the Verizon employees have said on here, I have had Verizon for several years and have had pretty good communication with the customer service reps when needed. There have been several times where I said I hate Verizon but I also know that all of the major cell phone service providers are all the same and always hear of different stories from other people about bad experiences with each.

    Now that the market is pretty even the plans are all pretty much the same compared to each other. Verizon has made a lot of improvements to match their competitors and I really like using their website for all of my account needs. Usually when I have a problem I get through and get it handled pretty quickly.

    It is unfortunate that the people you dealt with were so incompetent and I wouldn’t use verizon after that either. I have the same issues with the Comcast customer service. They seem to be about the same but I have had better dealings with Verizon the Comcast customer service.

    I can’t believe that you guys would come on here and talk like this about your company and the people that pay your paycheck. Instead of us going to another provider maybe you should go to McDonalds instead and let the people who really understand customer service take your job.

    I work for a company that prides itself on customer service and none of our reps would ever talk like this on another persons blog or website. No matter how much they are annoyed with the people on the other end of the phone. There job is to help our customers and show them how much we value their business and do whatever it takes to fix the problem and make our company better for future customers so they don’t have the same problems.

  22. I have been a Verizon customer for over 7 years and until recently had been
    quite happy with the service. The quality of the service at the several retail outlets I use has been both professional and knowledgeable.
    In March, 2008 I bought a LG VX8350 cell phone based on the Verizon sales reps advice along with a two year contract. The discounted price was $140. Five months later the right hinge broke so that it takes two hands to answer the phone. I took it in to be replaced and they said I had to buy a new one at full price. Even though it was a defect in the phone and I had done nothing to it. It is my business phone and I needed to get up and running again so gave in and bought another LG VX8350. This one lasted 2 1/2 months before the right hinge broke. Went into Verizon today confident that this time I would get a free replacement. Instead they asked me to pay $50 to send my phone to the manufacturer and if THEY didn’t think it was defective, would charge me another $250. The sales rep called customer service and that was the best he could do according to their “guidelines”.
    Then they want to have you pay $5 a month insurance on a poorly made product that they sell in their stores. Obviously, Verizon doesn’t care because they either sell you another full price phone or a monthly insurance policy.
    So, for $175 I can cancel my contract with Verizon and head to AT&T for an IPhone. Such a deal!


    Sharon Riddle
  23. fyi verizon is a seperate company from verizon wireless. it seems that people think that they are the same. they are not. verizon customer service is not verizon wireless customer service.

  24. My job is not to help customers. It is to make as many calls as I can. 90 percent of my customers enjoy my service because I am fair. It is demanding customers who want credits/upgrades they don’t deserve who are my ‘bad’ calls. I work within the policy, I know the contract. The information is available to any customer. Guess what, it is not our job to make sure you understand your contract. Don’t expect us to do something to save you money. You have to take responsibility. We are a business, not a non-profit organization. I wish you people would realize that.

  25. You won’t be a business for very long with that attitude. If you treat your customers like dirt and don’t try and help them then it is only a matter of time before you will be unemployed.

    Ross Johnson
  26. We are currently the highest grossing wireless company in the nation with 70 million customers nationwide. I’m sorry Mr. Johnson, but we aren’t going out any time soon, and with the alltel takeover coming up, there will be nobody to match our enhanced network AND devices. Customers are everything, yes, but customers who “hate” customer service are those who don’t want to be fair, want handouts, and don’t want to work within policies in which they LEGALLY agreed too. This is all I am saying. By the way, my CUSTOMER RATED performance is the one of the highest in my division. If i don’t give a customer what they want I tell them why. Somebody answer me this. If you had a warranty replacement and you threw your old phone away KNOWING that it needed to be sent back, would you expect credit for the full charge back? This is a common tale that I Have no sympathy for. If you go over your bill and didn’t increase your price plan to qualify for a re rate, would you expect credit? If your friend ran up your bill? What are you entitled to? I say TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your service and your actions.

    Mr. A
  27. People thought that the Big 3 would never be in trouble, my how things change over a few years. If you hate your customers as much as it sounds like you do then you will be going somewhere and quick.

    All it will take is one of the wireless companies to see the opportunity and everyone will follow.

    Notice the fast adoption of google and the quick demise of infoseek, altavista, lycos, and the other search engines of the time?

  28. Just because someone says they represent a particular company doesnt mean they actually do. People wear masks you know…think about it…

  29. Hey Ross, I would like to apologize, I have come to a conclusion recently. Instead of being a jerk, I would rather help people understand, so. I am extending an opportunity to verizon customers out there. Please ask me anything you like about customer service issues, I can offer a recommendation, give you some insight into EXACTLY what to say and also let you know if you have a lost cause. So Ross that goes for you too my friend, I’m done treating people like dirt, change has to come at some point. Companies are too large for there own good. (Change of heart because I talked to a lady who’s son died and left her a huge bill which I reduced for her by 900 dollars, It sort of changed my perspective.)

    Mr. A
  30. VZW CSR’s are unprofessional, ignorant, and just plain stupid.
    The biggest waste of carbon and water I have ever dealt with!
    Goes to show what happens when stupid people inbreed.

    The network has the best infrastructure where I live but their CSR department SUUUUUCCCCKKKKKSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I record every conversation I have with these idiots and have gotten more than a few CSR’s to be reprimanded for giving me erroneous information. I recommend that others follow suit. Accountability is the key to any customer relations type of work. As of September 2008 VZW has been recording every phone call to their tier 1 and tier 2 departments.

    If more people document their bad experiences (get their emp.ID or ext. #) and call center location and send them to the corporate office, upper
    management will have a better chance of isolating and eliminating the rotten apples in the bunch.

  31. I won’t disagree that 70 percent of people who are csrs are complete idiots, but I know what you are saying is bullshit. You as a customer are not legally allowed to record your call, if you ever told an agent you were recording them they would release the call. Every time you think someone got ‘reprimanded’ they didn’t. Sorry to burst your bubble. You just have to accept that all management sees is a psycho customer with too much time on his hands. You need to learn about your service and pay your bill or don’t have a cell phone. you can’t fight the machine buddy, you will get fucked everytime. The customer is always wrong in this business. I’m sorry but I find it hilarious when a customer thinks they know somehting about our policy. You don’t know shit, you are the fucking moron who doesn’t understand your service, and what is your fucking reasoning for calling in so frequently. Pay your bill then go kill yourself.

    Gordon (VZW CSR)
  32. Hey alpha man, sorry to burst your bubble but I highly doubt any agent has ever been “reprimanded” The sad but true case is that anytime you complained about an agent, it was filed and forgotten. As far as recording calls, that has been going on for five plus years. Agents are ignorant due to lack of training support, and, straight answers to questions. When you call you have a 1 in 10 chance of reaching a corporate call center (the people with the answers) but most likely will bring you to an outsourced center run by a shithole company called ACS. This company is not moral and is completely horrible at dealing with customers. These outsourced agents are paid per call and even when I was an agent, although much more knowledgable than my co workers, I still would do anything to get the calls out of the door. Its the sad truth, and don’t ever tell an agent you are recording them, you actually can’t and they will terminate the call. Hope this info helps

  33. An open comment to all Verizon Wireless Customer Service Reps:

    I can certainly understand your frustration in light of all the negative posts, however I ask that you remember 1 fundamental truth. You have a job because customers choose to purchase Verizon services. You all seem to forget that as consumers, we have choices. I for one will not be endure insulting comments from any service rep. If you do not want to earn my business every day, fine, I will go else where to a provider that will appreciate my business.

    I manage a customer service organization, and I am being completely candid when I say that If I treated my customers in the same fashion that Verizon wireless does, I’d lose half my customer base. If you care to do the leg work, and investigate the many cases initiated by States Attorney General, you will see that this is more a matter of profiteering than sound business practice. Hence, that is why I am terminating a 10 year relationship.

    Don’t be surprised if the incoming administration passes legislation with some teeth in it to ensure that customers are not taken advantage of to the degree that has been experienced by many thus far.

    In this economy, I find it very hard to believe that any organization would compromise relationships with exisiting customers.

  34. I used to work for Verizon Wireless. To the poster above who says they are not the same as Verizon. In some ways that is true Verizon Wireless is a joint venture between Verizon and Vodafone of europe. As far as the complaints on the various websites about Verizon Wireless’ service I can attest that they are true horror stories.

    The systems of Verizon Wireless are broken from top to bottom. The only reason they are making so much money is because they take every opportunity to lock you into a new contract, lie or mislead about their rates and treat their employees like crap.

    The real sad thing is they just bought their only competition Alltel. Alltel offered the same great network for less money. They also let you change your rate plan at any time for free!!!

    I am currently on Alltel and I am at a loss for what to do because I don’t want to give these creeps any of my money. EVER!

    So how does Verizon eliminate this competition? They have taken all their ill gotten gains and bought Alltel. Now all the great customer service reps at Alltel will probably be out of a job.

    It is a shame.

  35. I have been with Verizon for many years and up until this past weekend, I fortunately didn’t have to deal much with customer service. I was looking to get a Blackberry even though my upgrade isn’t for several more months, but I called to see if there was any way to get the upgrade now. Seeing as how I’d be tacking on an additional $30 to an already large phone plan with multiple lines, each with multiple features, I thought a discount on the device was a reasonable request. After speaking with a representative on the phone, she was able to offer me a satisfactory deal she had discussed with her manager and made a note in the system.

    The following day, I went to the store to buy my new device only to find out that the notation she made on my account wasn’t the same one she had discussed with me the night before. The rep in the store said there was nothing he could do about it but that customer service often has more wiggle room to do more for the customers than the in-store reps. I called to find out why I was quoted misinformation and if Verizon would honor the deal it had made with me. I got a lot of “I apologize, but…” and even more wrong information from each of the three representatives with whom I spoke. I finally asked to speak with a supervisor who immediately took a tone with me and said that I should just be grateful for them even extending me a courtesy when I wasn’t qualified for it. She was highly unprofessional and unwilling to accept that a representative had misspoken and given me the wrong information. Instead, she threw the blame on me as a customer and spoke very rudely.

    Had I been quoted the right information in the first place, that deal would have been fine in my book. But I am entirely displeased with how I was treated by Verizon Wireless representatives and their gross refusal to honor the original deal or even accept responsibility that they gave me incorrect information. I am a reasonable person and understand that reps make mistakes, but I think it’s also reasonable to expect businesses to take ownership of mistakes their representatives may make in their customer service. At the very least, I was looking for common courtesy in the way I was spoken to. Unfortunately, multiple representatives, including one extremely rude supervisor, failed to do even that.

    Rather than ride out my contract, I am currently looking into other carriers since I no longer wish to give Verizon my business

  36. Can’t believe how hard it could be to cancel my service. So much so I moved away from the state where the phone line is located over a month ago and still haven’t been able to get slimebag Verizon to cancel. The phone line has been active in the empty house, but now it’s sold and this service really has to go. Here’s a copy of tonight’s chat with a say-nothing, do-nothing rep:

    Chat Subject: Payment Arrangement / Final Bill Inquiry
    A Verizon Service Representative will be with you shortly. To help us handle your request in a timely manner, please have your customer account number ready if available. Thank you. (20:05:35)
    20:17:43 Estimated wait time is approximately 14 m: 18 s. We apologize for the delay. You are next in the line. A representative will be with you shortly.

    Agent Carla has joined. (20:17:53)
    Carla : Chat ID for this session is 01260985215. (20:17:53)
    Carla(20:17:53): Welcome to Verizon’s chat service. You have reached the Financial Services Department.

    My name is Carla. I will be happy to assist you today.
    To protect the privacy of your account, please provide me with “one” of the following:
    1. Verizon account number
    2. Amount of your last payment (to the nearest dollar)
    3. Exact amount of last paid bill
    4. Can Be Reached Number listed on the account

    Deanna(20:18:53): Hello! The can be reached numbers are xxx-xx-xxxxx or xxxxxxx. The service telephone number is xxxxxx(can’t remember the 3 digit code). I’ve moved away from PA and my house was sold and all utilities transferred to my relocation company today. I will be living outside the Verizon service area, in xxxxx. It is very difficult to find a contact to cancel service. I’m not sure why that is, but I no longer need phone service in this zip code so I need some help, thanks.

    Carla(20:20:38): Ms. xxxxx, I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Both numbers your provided for your can be reached number is different from what’s listed on your account.

    Carla(20:20:49): To locate your account number online, sign into your account. Under “My Verizon” click on “My Bill”. Once there, go to the bottom of the bill to ” Billing Address”. Click on the plus sign and it will display your account number.

    Carla(20:21:04): I can secure your account by the amount of your last payment to the nearest dollar. May I have that amount?

    Deanna xxxxxx(20:21:11): Last bill paid was $195.67 and there is a credit of $35.17 currently due on the account

    Carla(20:22:32): Thank you for securing your account. Your account number is xxxxxxxxxxx. Can you please verify your billing address including your zip code?

    Deanna xxxxxx(20:22:50): xxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxx PA 1xxxxx

    Carla(20:23:10): Thank you. Ms. xxxxx, may I take a moment of your time to update your account information? Please provide your cell phone number to update your contact information.

    Deanna xxxx(20:23:45): My cell number is still xxxxxxx. The new address you can use to mail the refund is xxxxxxxxxxx.

    Carla(20:24:00): Thank you. Please allow me a few moments to access your account information.

    Deanna xxxx(20:24:22): After 1/30, my permanent mailing address will be xxxxxxxx.

    Carla(20:25:52): Thank you for your patience and recent payment of $195.67 on 12/23/08. Your account balance is $0.00 with a credit in the amount of $35.17. I am sorry to hear that you are canceling your account. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist you with this request through chat or email. You will need to contact our Orders Department directly at 1-800-660-2215. A representative will be able to assist you.

    Carla(20:26:23): Ms. xxxxx, it has been a pleasure assisting you. Do you have any more questions for me today?

    Carla(20:28:18): I have not heard from you in a few moments. Would you like to continue this chat session?

    Deanna xxxxxx(20:28:34): Glad you found it a pleasure. I don’t understand why it was so easy to take my money, but it’s been so hard to cancel the service. Verizon service in this regard has been lousy. The customer service line you gave me is closed, and they are sending me online.???

    Deanna xxxxx(20:29:16): Please tell me where online I can cancel then? Already tried that and ended up with you…

    Carla(20:30:41): I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. The Billing office hours are Monday-Friday 8:00am until 6:00pm. This is the Customer Financial Service department responsible for account balance and due date. May I assist you with anything else today.

    Deanna xxxx(20:30:58): Is there chat available with Account Management?

    Deanna xxxx(20:31:09): Can I send an email to have my account canceled?

    Deanna xxxx(20:31:22): Can I leave VM somewhere to have my account canceled?

    Deanna xxxx(20:31:33): How, oh how do I get my account canceled?

    Deanna xxxx(20:31:52): Maybe call my congressman or the telecommunications commission?

    Carla(20:32:07): Chat service is for account balance, due date, repairs, or technical support. All others will need to contact the correct department regarding your concern.

    Deanna xxxx(20:32:28): Can you give me a direct number for a manager that I can call and leave VM please?

    Deanna xxxx(20:33:40): I work 12 hours each day and cant make a phone call then

    Carla(20:34:02): You will need to contact our Billing department during business hours and a representative will be better able to assist you with your concern.
    Verizon is aware of the high call volume and working diligently on resolving the issue soon. I apologize I’m unable to provide you with my supervisor’s number. However, I can check to see if a supervisor is available for chat at this time.

    Deanna xxxx(20:34:32): Didn’t ask for your supervisor, just someone who can help me – you haven’t done anything wrong.

    Carla(20:36:27): I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. There is not a supervisor available at this time for a chat. You may chat back with us later to see if a supervisor is available for a chat. I apologize, cancellations are done through the Orders department.

    Carla(20:36:47): What other questions can I help you with today?

    Deanna xxxx(20:37:07): I moved out of this house on xxxxxx, and am still trying to cancel this service. This is past ridiculous! And noone can even take a message?

    Deanna xxxx(20:37:37): I’m going to put this chat on a blog. Noone will believe it.

    Carla(20:38:32): I apologize for the delay you have experienced in trying to reach our offices. You will need to contact our Orders department during business hours. Thank you for using Verizon’s chat service and making Verizon your company of choice. I am happy to have assisted you today. When you close the chat, there will be a brief survey. Please feel free to complete this survey, as we would love to hear your feedback. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again.
    Your session is now closed.
    Thank you,have a nice day. Please select Exit to close this window.

    Print Copy to Clipboard Live Chat TranscriptIt was a pleasure to assist you. Your chat session has ended. Thank You.

    Privacy Policy | © 2008 Verizon

    Never Again a Verizon Customer
  37. Hello everyone first I want to apologize to all verizon wireless customers for any bad experiences you had/are having. I am former vzw employee. I want to give feedback on your comments. As far as the store experiences go that is something we hear all the time. I worked in the call center and all customers say they would prefer not to go into the store. I can’t speak on it because I’ve never worked in the stores but we hear it all the time and when I had to call the stores on behalf of the customer they were rude to me (most of them). To say that verizon wireless lies to the customer that’s not true.. The information is there..there is no way vzw would be a big of a company for as long as it has if we told things that wasn’t true . Some reps aren’t informed and trust they do get fired or negative things do happen. But the company it self provides the info that mst of you have been told. Its called reading. READING is fundamental.. What do yall think prorates mean, month in advance charges..activation fees.. Your first bill will be higher than normal.its not hard stop signing stuFf if your not sure what it means.. When yall walk into the stored the only thing on your mind is getting a phone. We could walk around with the info on our forheads.. You still wldnt pay attention..you also receive a letter in the mail that tells u again what ur bill will look like. We can’t make yall read the info.stop pretending you understand the info when u dnt.. We do care abotu what the customers think abt us..those surveys u get its not to waste time. Its for feedback.the reps are aware of the feed back.. If its negative it impacts our bonuses, raises, being able to promote, even our jobs if its always negative on a specific rep..we have over 50 million people on our network and it is very hard to please 50 million people. Especially when u complain abt silly stuff. Now the man with the porting issue that’s a valid complaint..those r the calls I can appreciate because they have merit.. Calling me because you have to pay to call 411 oru want a new phone and your not elogible for the disount pricing because u just got a phone 6 months ago but u dnt wanna pay full retail and were the worst company and att will let u upgrade at the sales price anytime..its stupid..u knew u had to wait 20 months to get a discount phone again when u signed the contract.but that goes back to reading is fundamental yall not readind signing the contracts and call us to complain

  38. Wow, after reading the comments I am very impressed that all you got a hold of an agent, as I type this message I have been on hold for Two hours and 27 mins. Is there really a Verizon Company? There is music on hold, that must be the service that is provided.

    Worst customer service I have ever seen in 45 years!!!

  39. I am a VZW customer service rep. I can’t believe the things I am reading here. “Mike” is not representative of the company and should be fired. Verizon wireless is the biggest and best wireless company in the world. We pride ourselves on customer service and know our customers are our most valuable asset. Customer service reps are not poorly paid and poorly trained. We also do not get paid “per call”. The pay starts at $13 per hour and the benefits are absolutely fantastic. Also the company now requires at least a 2 year degree for Customer Service. The training is 19 weeks long. Much longer than basic military training or police academy (Ive been through all 3). The company states and restates the value of the customer and the value of ethical practices. Like anywhere there are always going to be a few bad apples who ruin the bunch. If any customer is not getting the service they should, they should complain to a manager. The manager should always be helpful and courteous. As far as credits, understand that most every customer that calls in with any problem at all (95 percent of which are entirely the cutomers fault)expects a large credit. This is not possible to do. We would be bankrupt in a a few months if we gave every caller a 50 or 100 dollar credit. I feel customers should get a quality product and great service for their dollar. (all views stated here are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect those of verizon wirelss, any other company, or any other person)

  40. I have had verizon for 6 years and never had any problems. But then again I am a positive person.

  41. Blair, if you had read my message with any sort of comprehension you would have realized that I worked for an outsourced agency. It was a shitty company with shitty training and HORRIBLE management. Corporate workers were treated like gold by Verizon and Verizon is a great company. Acs is the company that needs to shut down. Verizon needs to sever all ties immediately. I’d say I was responsible for about 30 plus disconnections simply because I had no access to tools or staff that could help customers.

  42. I am currently a customer service representative for a small cellualr company that has been purchased by Verizon Wireless. The anticipation of this change has caused alot of excitement for myself and my teammates at the prospect of having more advanced equipment and resources at our disposal. I came across this site in an effort to research the company and decide if I want to accept an offer to integrate into VZW’s customer service team. I have come across nearly equal amounts of positive and negative feedback about customer service experiences. I have to say that after reading some of the comments above, specifically those of the Verizon Wireless representatives (with the exception of the comment left by Blair), I am discouraged and appalled. The company I currently work for takes alot of pride in the customer service we provide. We consider our selves to be very fair to our customers and our business. We have had extensive (bordering tedious) training on how to provide ‘stellar’ customer service even when facing a situation where we would have to say no to a customer. All I have to say is that the representatives that are leaving notes saying that they do not care about the customers should keep in mind that as their title suggests they are representing the company they work for. If they feel negatively about thier employer,or their customer base, they should seek employment elsewhere. If this is the general attitude of Verizon Wireless customer service, I, personally, may consider seeking employment with a company that takes pride in their work, and appreciates that without their customers they would not even have a job.
    (I would also like to be clear that all views stated here are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect those of my company, Verizon Wirelss, any other company, or any other person)

  43. I had broadband service with Verizon Wireless for six months. The device that I purchased never worked correctly and it took me three months to get Verizon to send me a device that did work properly. I had to go nearly three full months without working service while they sorted their issues out(I still had to pay for the service however.)Finally they got me a device that worked. Three weeks later I received a contract extension conformation form. Never was this mentioned in the six or seven customer service calls I made about the issue. I refused to extend my contract so they told me that I had to pay $300 for the device. I refused and offered to cancel my service and return their device. They told me that if I was cancelling my service that I could keep the device. Interesting. . . they lost my business over a $300 dollar device that they let me keep after cancelling.

    Verizon Wireless reminds me of a cell phone company that was on top of the world 10 years ago – Sprint PCS. They didn’t care about customer service, their sales declined, and then, they got bought out. I haven’t missed Sprint since I kicked them to the curb and I’m pretty sure I won’t miss Verizon either.

    I promissed T-mobile that I would never stay again. They have the best customer service. They solve any issues I encounter quickly and professionally. They are also the least expensive major cell phone company.

  44. Correction to my post above.

    Sprint PCS – the once #1 cell phone company – still exists in its own right. I just isn’t #1 any more. Bad customer service had their customers jumping ship like they were on the Titanic. Fortunatly, Verizon Wireless has stepped up as the new #1 lousy phone company.

  45. my issue is that i went to a verizon store to make the mistake of signing up for service , where is was told i had bad credit so i had to pay for my firsts months service up front so i paid them 125 dollars, i then later found out that i had paid a deposit. i called customer disservice and was told by 5 supervisors and 4 reps that they couldnt do anything about this and they couldnt credit me for the confusion. so i basically had to pay a deposit and the first months bill and got my phone shut off bc my bill payment was late bc i thought i had already paid the firsts months bill it was a screwed up situation but made it worse bc customer service was like oh well mistakes happen

  46. I have been fighting with Verizon since December of 2007. We got a phone call stating that our original contract was due to expire and we could upgrade our phones. We agreed to the upgrade.
    The phones they sent were not acceptable, as they did not operate properly.
    We called them in Dec. of 2007 and complained before the 30 days were up. We were directed to the Verizon store. When we got to the store we were told they could not do anything about it because we had gotten the phones in the mail.
    I work at night and my phone would turn itself on and call people on my contact list in the middle of the night. One night I erased over 140 pictures that the phone had taken of the inside of my pocket.
    I have talked to dozens of customer service representatives and gotten the same response. There is nothing we can do. You have a contract. I even got that from a woman who claims she worked in Lowell McAdams office and he was the CEO.
    I am still fighting them and feel that they have now given me cause to sue them in small claims court because they added some illegitimate charges to my account.
    They have lost my business forever. Very short sighted of them.

  47. I suspect Verizon must be mob related because no other DSL service is available in Redondo Beach, CA (unless paying 3 times Verizon’s rate).

    As for Verizon overall disservices, I could go on for GB’s, but I won’t, no need to.

    Just noticed a newly identifed Verizon disservice. That’s when their DSL customers change their http://www.verizon.net account password.

    When doing that, on their webpage, customers are not told that Verizon refuses to afford either manpower (to manuaally update their email server with our new password) and/or we are not told that the only access we will have (for the next ’24 hrs’) is via Verizon’s browser email webpage.

    No doubt Verizon’s disservices here are designed to frustrate customers enought to give up using our email handlers (Outlook, OE6, etc) so they can cash in on their browser email webpage. I can conceive of no other explantion.

    Found this out after 2 hrs yesterday on the phone with Verizon support, just to change my http://www.verizon.net password. Then today, another 2 hrs plus only to prove to Verizon support that my inability to send-receive email thru Outl or even OE6, was solely due to a problem with Verizon’s email server.

    While today’s support agent tried telling me that there was no problem with their email server and that instead, I needed to reinstall Outlook and OE6 (supposedly ‘that was my problem’), only after following the agent’s instructions for setting up the email accounts (on both my fresh installs, Windows 7 and XPH SP3), even then the agent tried telling me that verizon does not support Office 2003’s Outlook and OE6).

    You know what I told the agent when he told me that (hogwash and I’m insulted you try telling me that). Politely demanding to speak with second level support, the agent refused that until i’d asked that for at least 7 times.

    Then when (supposedly) having been traqnsferred to 2nd level suppport, the agent said he had a supervisor on line. Again I asked to speak with 2nd level support, not a supervisor, but the agent simply disconnected and I was left to speak with some guy who siad he was a 2nd level support supervisor, that there was nobody available at 2nd level support so that was why I was connected to him.

    I told him I thought he was lieing thru his teeth and I challenged him to email me with confirmation that I’d reached 2nd level support and that my complaint that Verizon is neglecting to immediately update it’s email server with customer’s changed passwords, the ‘supervisor’ said he was unable to email me.

    So I thanked him for whatever he could do, but that I was sure that Verizon had no intention of responding back to my trouble ticket (263169835) and that Iwas pretty sure that when I try later to obtain any details as to the ticket’s progress, no doubt Verizon would tell me there is no record of tsuch a ticket.

    He assured me that would not happen 9despite that’s what always happens to my trouble tickets).

    Additionally, I challenged him to look at my 14 yrs of verizon account records, especially since recently Verizon says that I have no records (due to somehow someone changed my acct to a FIOS acct, while I have no FIOS service, never did, never applied for one and never will).

    I explained that surely that snafu was no doubt purposely done so as to erase my history of countless support requests, so as to assure no class action attorneys could access those records in support of their clients cases.

    My only recourse now is to file cases with the Federal Communication Commission and any other authorities, that and plaguing my ombudsman, congrees person and any other pertinent legislators (with letters and phone calls), not to mention the supreme ’round file’ kings, ie; the Better Business Bureau.

  48. I’ve been to the store, spoken to reps on the phone and even done online chat. This is my third voyager phone and by the way the fourth one is on the way. I keep having the same problem yet the insist I need a new $40 battery. NOT. Well, thought I might go ahead and upgrade. NOT. In order to maintain the current bells and whistles I have on my phone, I must upgrade to another plan at a cost of $29.99. Everyone assures me I don’t have to get this data package, but that don’t say the $9.99 data plan has limited megabyte usage. Anything over the 25 mb is 20 cents per mb. Well reps its not the same package you all have tried to get me to sign up for. Do your homework and don’t accept the first thing you are told by a rep. I’ve been a loyal customer for over 10 years and best I can get is a higher monthly bill. Its called GREED! I’m taking my business elsewhere.

  49. Tried to activate my pc’s mobile web card. what a joke! Took three calls to verizon, and three different days, each time over 1 hour on the phone. I dealt with people who spoke with hard-to-understand accents, others who had no idea what a mobile web card was for pc’s, and I cannot tell you how aggravating this experience is. What does it matter if I have a verizon wireless account??? I wanted to pay by credit card to activate this mobile card for 1 month! I had to give my account password, and the last 4 digits of my ssn. Still no luck. I told one guy, “you are wasting my time”. He said “no reason to be rude.” I said “it’s not rude, it’s a fact”, and I hung up. My advice to Verizon, TRAIN YOUR PEOPLE IN THIS PRODUCT, WHAT IT IS, AND HOW TO ACTIVATE IT!!!!!!!!!

  50. Does anyone know why Verizon can’t figure out how to not send out my information to other lines on my account regarding billing, purchases. My son is 14 years old and does not need to be emailed or called from Verizon about my financial obligations. I’ve called 7 times to have this stopped. To be told its fixed and will not happen anymore. It’s still happening and was informed on my 5th or 6th call to have this corrected by another supervisor only to be told they have done all they can in trying to correct the problem and they cannot stop automated calls or text messages going out to others. REALLY. Makes no sense to me how me how they can get satellites to work with your phone etc. But can’t stop unwanted text messages to stop to unauthorized persons after making it clear you want them to stop. Is there no privacy act with Verizon.

    Craig Conley

    Man, is free enterprise dead? If you don’t like the service or products of a company, LEAVE! Probably the same ppl that are always wanting the government to “protect” them with more regs….

    sam marsh
  52. I to have much dis-satisfaction with Verizon. Al-tel was awesome, they had better reception simply because they leased everyone else’s towers. Verizon canceled all the leases and low and behold, dropped calls. I know I am anal, however I pay 2-300 per month I expect good service, oh yeah they really can’t tell when a call is dropped, it is now up to you, after the call is dropped to dial, ##. My phone has to be windows specific for a proprietary application, that never works correctly. Data is sent to me then gets hung up in their server and I miss 1000 of dollars of work, because I leave an area and the work has not arrived, however when I get to my laptops ISP an hour away, the work is there, and still not on my phone. They call that a dropped call. Blah! Just went to the store and I was told the “pro” was out to lunch(I saw him when I walked in), well, he does not want to see me because he is working the night shift at Wal-Mart. No your right cell phones are a commodity, as with all commodities, no service just an exchange of dollars. I will now call in, keep you posted.

  53. I have paid nearly $250 per month to Verizon for nearly 3 years. I am tired of their disdain for their customers. They dont care about losses as they figure they can sign up replacements.

    I will not use the company name and the word service in the same sentence. I will be changing to either Apple or ATT when the contract runs out in two months.


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