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How much do you optimize your landing pages?

Just a quick question for readers of this blog, if you have a moment I would love to hear your experiences. How much time / effort do you spend optimizing and testing landing pages? Do you only optimize PPC / E-mail landing pages? or do you optimize every page thinking it could be found through natural search?

Additionally, would you read or be interested in a series of articles that discusses methods optimizing landing pages and testing them against each other?

11 thoughts How much do you optimize your landing pages?

  1. Kind of guilty here: I haven’t yet optimized my landing pages. I recently stumbled into Analytics Click Thingy (yes, Thingy!), but other than that, I haven’t really gotten too much into analyzing my visitors and seeing if they stay and why.

    I’d be doubly interested in some tips on how to do so though, for sure!

  2. smu
  3. I think this is a great topic. I think a lot of time people or companies are so busy creating new and innovative ideas that they don’t have the resources for testing and optimizing their landing pages. This is something that has came up at our work place. A lot of people and organizations don’t understand the importance of testing their pages. We are currently working on integrating Google Website Optimizer but its going to be difficult for us to get our executives to give us the resources such as a graphic designer and our own time since we have other normal tasks to do as well. But if they realize that if we can increase our conversion rate by just 25% then for example we could of made an extra 80k dollars last month from one of our stores.

  4. Excellent, glad that there is some interest.

    @Sean – It is easy to forget about optimizing pages, a lot of times we are put in a position where we are responsible for building the pages but our jobs end there. Yet there is so much more we can do! Don’t beat yourself up there are a lot of people who haven’t had the time to really put effort into their landing pages

    @DanShields – Great point. Especially in an e-commerce situation landing pages can greatly effect revenue, well over a lot of other tasks that may not move the needle at all in terms of revenue.

  5. Here a little story:
    We are selling photobooks and photocalendars and customer can download a software and design his own calendars. Our main business is in the chrismas months Nov-Dec. In this time we have a special landing page:
    – No main layout only the main content
    – only very important information: logo, products, prices some sale informationen.
    – a very big download buton

    We had an increase of sales from 400-500 daily to 500-600 daily and had a higher conversion rate click/download/buy.

    I dont know if this the right way but it helps us alot.

    gretting from germany.

  6. Will also be very interested, one of those things you need to do but never really take the time to learn how to do properly.

  7. definitly interested!!

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