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Best Free Internet Marketing Tools

The “new marketing” or “Internet Marketing” buzz seems to hum a little louder with each passing day. You don’t have to look to hard to see some powerful case studies of extreme success built with low budget internet marketing campaigns. This seems to be the most powerful aspect of internet marketing, extreme exposure for extremely low costs.

To fully take advantage of the internet marketing opportunities you need the correct tools, after all how do you manage an email marketing campaign with just a copy of outlook express? That’s right… you don’t. To keep costs down there are some great open source internet marketing tools available if you know where to look.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is an extremely powerful way to keep in contact with clients, prospective clients, and industry colleges. Many e-mail marketing packages are expensive (charging monthly, or per the amount of emails sent out) or lack any quality features.

Search Engine Marketing

Pay Per Click

Organic Ranking Tools

Tracking your website

A clear picture of how your website is measuring up in your internet marketing efforts is an invaluable asset. With current internet marketing techniques there are several areas and methods to do so.


Podcasting is big, very big. Despite the power of podcasting now, it is only going to gain more steam, listeners, and power. Now is the time to hop onto the bandwagon… and guess what? There are tools that can help you.

Social Media

The power of social media is huge, yet so many people have yet to explore it or try and take advantage of it. These tools will make your marketing efforts easier.

King of Apps





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  1. great list. Allot of good links:) thanks!

  2. Great tools! Quite informative, thanks for providing all those useful information.

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  5. Great links man. That SEO Digger is really cool.

  6. Wow!! It’s Interesting!! I was looking out for the same kind of information. Thanks A Lot.

    I too came across a site Giblink which allows entrepreneurs and businesses to connect, to learn from each other, share ideas and strategies, and then help each other grow and succeed.

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  8. This is the most complete sets of tools I ever seen on the web, thank you for sharing!

    Do you have any traffic build tools as well..?

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