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Ways to test your site for the mobile web

The buzz about the future of the mobile web is almost defining. Even though the mobile tsunami has not hit the web yet, it is better to be prepared for when it does crash down on us, rather than trying to swim to the surface after it does. While I wouldn’t necessarily start creating a mobile specific version of your site, but simply ensure that relevant content can be found on a mobile device.

Need a pretty universal example? I had a client that was supposed to come to my office for a meeting, but had trouble locating it. If I had a map on my site that was mobile accessible, they could have simply followed it rather than looking up my address and hoping to google maps.

So the best way to find out the “mobile ready” level of your site is through basic testing. However that is much easier said than done, as even the most phone savy users doubtfully have access to more than a handful of mobile devices to test with and there are over 40 mobile browsers and 160 devices.

The solution? Test as far as you can reach!


The first easy way to test your site for mobile devices is simply to remove the style sheet. Many older phones still render un-styled raw HTML. The good thing is that if your site is build using semantics and web standards, this should be the easiest platform to test and adapt too. This can be done through firefox by going to “View > Page Style > No Style”

Resize Your Browser

Simple yet effective, resizing your browser gives you a good idea of how your site would look in a modern phone that supports style sheets. If you have FireFox and the developer toolbar you can simply go to “resize > Resize window” and enter the width you would like to test for. Here are some common resolutions for hand held devices.

  • 176 x 208
  • 240 x 160
  • 320 x 240


Opera has developed a mobile browser with an amazing technology called “Small-Screen Rendering.” While not all phones are supported and it is not currently pre-installed on any phones that I am aware of, it works so well that you can be sure you will be seeing and hearing more about it in the future.

Luckily it is quite easy to test for OperaMini, simply download Opera and go to the page you wish to test. Hitting SHIFT + F11 will render the page as if it were on an OperaMini browser.


Once you have exhausted the phones you can borrow to test with, it is time to resort to emulators. Luckily many mobile browsers have windows emulators for improved testing.

There are several good resources to get you started, hopefully as you tweak your site to render properly in the browsers you can test for it will become more compatible for those you can’t.

18 thoughts Ways to test your site for the mobile web

  1. Nice article, I think web development for mobiles is an important issue, and as many people have already started to say, 2007 is going to be the year of mobile web browsing.

    I think with the release of Apple’s iPhone during Q2 (think they said around June) it might help spark more interest. True, the iPhone is probably not the most ideal of examples due to it’s full blown browser, I’d hope it still has a way of being identified as a browser on a mobile phone.

    By the way, nice site, I really like your design! Top job.

  2. Thank you David, and I agree. I think the iPhone is what is going to start making mobile browsing “mainstream.”

    Between the iPhone and phones equipped with the Opera browser users should be able to find some pretty interesting uses for mobile web browsing which will no doubt shape how we design for it.

    Beyond some basic cross-uses, I think the mobile device experience is going to be very different than standard mobile web.

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  6. I’m interest with web in mobile phone. And this is great article for me. Thank you

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  9. Yeah , Soon many people will start moving from a notebook to a windows mobile which enables them to access world from their hand.
    I recenly saw many touch screen coming up.
    It is better to get ready for the future.

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  11. I think what you wrote at the beginning of the year, that’s already happening right now. You said it right.

  12. how mobile testing is done?

    amit topkar
  13. Your fourth link in the 5 list above is not working anymore

  14. Interesting information. I just downloaded Opera_9.25_Eng_Setup.exe and now I am on my way. Thanks for this information.

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  17. nice site, I think the mobile device experience is going to be very different than standard mobile web. many people have already started to say, 2007 is going to be the year of mobile web browsing. It is better to get ready for the future.
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