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Hello Rebooters

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone stopping by who is viewing my site from either CSS Reboot or Standards Reboot. Just to give you a quick rundown on myself while I have your attention…

I actually reboot way too often

I not only totally redesigned this site 3 times this year, but each of those had significant tweaking and alterations before I scrapped them all together. I like a design for a good two weeks before I think I can do better and go back to the drawing board.

I am a podcaster

More of a co-podcaster actually. Dennis Lembree invited me to join his excellent Accessible Web Design Podcast a few months ago, and I really enjoy doing it. I have talked to plenty of great names in the web design world on the show, and you should listen if you haven’t yet.

I write articles

Mostly about CSS, Web Design, and SEO. Here are my more popular articles just in case you are interested:

Thanks for your time, and hope you come back =)

4 thoughts Hello Rebooters

  1. Great reboot. Much cleaner than the previous version! 🙂

  2. I like how you changed the headings on the side of your page, it helps me navigate your blog much better. Good job 🙂

  3. really quite good, the typeography is pretty good and i like the layout and the header a lot. pretty solid.

    the dude on the right is pretty cool with the shadow. one thing though, with the placement of the white graphic behind him it really looks to me like he is taking a piss. especially on the smaller thumbnail.

    really nice work though. =)

  4. Thanks all!

    Thanks Jiggy – that actually is the third time I have herd that. The first time I agreed but figured no one else had seen the same resemblance and ignored changing it for less fun activies like working.

    But it does sound like quite a few people are coming to the same conclusion, so I put fixing that on the list of things today.

    Thanks again for all the comments/input!


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