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Yes, I use AdSense… get over it

I see a lot of discussion concerning the use of AdSense on blogs, most complain that it is obtrusive, obnoxious, and has no place cluttering up any informative blog.

Are we so vane that we can no longer be bothered with advertisements we actually have to waste the massive amount of brain power it takes to process the light that makes up the ads?

With the invention of Tivo, satellite radio, and free information on the Internet too many people have begun to feel they are entitled to articles and posts with out being bothered to scroll past a few ads. Never-mind the fact that the publisher not only spends his time to write the articles, but also pays directly to have them hosted and a domain registered.

Yes, it is unfortunate that the world is not free; Advertising is probably the least impacting way of providing people with a service while still compensating those who work hard to provide the service for their time and effort. However some don’t care, blogging away about the annoyance of having to god forbid read “more after the jump.” Should we develop a way to remove the designs and logos off of the side of stock car’s so that TV viewers won’t be subjected to reading and recognize them?

Am I or most other bloggers getting rich off of AdSense? Definitely not, in fact it barely covers my hosting cost for the year. Most of the reason I blog or post articles is for my own pleasure and to help others, but if I can cover my hosting cost by simply signing up and installing the AdSense plug in, why should I refrain?

Anyone on the Internet (especially blogs) frequently can easily identify AdSense ads. If they bother you don’t read them, and don’t click on them. It doesn’t hurt me, and they don’t hurt you.

4 thoughts Yes, I use AdSense… get over it

  1. There is nothing wrong with making a couple of bucks via adverting. Information sources that we read daily such as the daily newspaper are loaded with advertising. If a little advertising offends someone, I would suggest that they read a good book.

  2. I dont have to put up with your rubbishy adverts and timewasting trackers I just use common sense and get firefox with adblock plus as an extension and then use my hosts file to block all the google syndication and adsense and bots
    thats it end of story – I dont rant about it unless I find some dork that doesnt know the difference between using the internet and sponging off other peoples privacy

    The Joker
  3. BTW pages load 700% faster without click trackers adsense all that rubbish so who’s better off – you or me – I dont see your adverts so dont click them, but you still pay hosting costs – I aint paying at the cost of my privacy to view your ego.

    The Joker
  4. You prove my point well.

    A sense of entitlement is pretty wide spread in certain groups of people (especially on the internet), and it is a very powerful emotion. Much like paranoia.

    In the perfect Zen Garden of the World Wide Web we would not have to use advertisements, web statistics, or have to read “whoa is me, I don’t want to look at advertisements, and google is out to get me” time and time again šŸ˜‰


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