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Interviewed Paul Boag of Boagworld.com

Dennis Lembree and I had the pleasure of interviewing Paul Boag of Boagworld.com early this morning for the Web Axe Podcast.

To say I was excited before, and after the interview is a huge understatement. Even though we have interviewed some great people in the world of the web before, I feel like I really identify with Paul on many levels.

I almost could say that I see Paul as a funnier, more successful, smarter, and British version of myself… but I won’t state that officially because that reveals the dumb, small time, humorless American that I am. đŸ˜‰

The light hearted and open approach Paul and Marcus take to not only their podcast, but forums and articles could be well used by a lot of the web design community. While I am not sure if it is simply peoples desire to feel important (and that their jobs are important), it seems as write with a cloud of dire seriousness to an occupation that is creative, fun, and uplifting.

Just looking at the amount of freelancers, small business’, and start-ups that are in our field is a clear message that “Hey, people love doing this job!” Why can’t we write like it?

We should rejoice in our ultimate geekdom, enjoying the fact that if you were to walk out on the street and start telling people you were excited because you “got dugg” they would most likely think you had “played a prank” on your friend “Doug.” Instead so many dwindle on things such as the over use of social bookmarking icons.

Paul and Markus have the right idea, and I hope I can as well.

Those interested, subscribe to the Web Axe podcast and listen to our past interviews and stay tuned for our interview with Paul.

2 thoughts Interviewed Paul Boag of Boagworld.com

  1. That was a cool interview. Paul has a fun personality that shines right through his podcasts and even his written posts. I agree that most of us that write and talk about web development could stand to lighten up a little. I wrote a guest article on that very subject over on the SOB blog called “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to My Blog One Day.” Personally, I can’t imagine a better way to make a living.

  2. You should be Paul Boag for Halloween.


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