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Semantic Tags you may have Forgotten

Posted on 12/26/2006

Ensuring that your HTML code is semantic is extremely important. Between HTML’s ongoing shift towards XML, accessibility, and SEO coding in a way that describes the content is essential. Look at microformats where semantic code allows plug-ins and applications to extract data/content from a website and use it in other applications (such as address books, calendars, etc).

Half the battle? Knowing the tags, and where to use them.

There are a ton more, and I encourage everyone to print out this list and try and use semantic code whenever possible. You will find that by using these methods your sites become of a much higher quality, and you can use the usage of many of these tags as sales notes for either landing a job or client. Imagine showing a client that you can help people better understand their company by having all acronyms defined on their pages? Who wouldn’t want such a feature?