What is affordable SEO? is SEO really affordable?

Search Engine optimization and Marketing is a very new industry compared to most forms of marketing and business promotion. Because of this the cost of services range greatly as there really is no “market rate” for SEO. I have seen dirt cheap rates on freelancer bidding sites and astronomical monthly contracts at well established SEO companies and consultants. So I’ve decided to do some reasearch for all of our benefit using our friends as
to find out honest pricing. What is the big difference between the big guys and the little guys and does it matter.

With those dirt cheap rates do you really get what you pay for? With SEO there are plenty of methods to manipulate results into looking impressive when in reality the company has done little other than optimize for key phrases that have no competition (because no one actually searches for them.)

So this brings up the question is SEO really affordable? Are the dirt cheap rates are so low because their services are not as valuable as the big dogs? In many situations this is probably the case – however there is some middle ground. Many times a company doesn’t need to be optimized for the most competitive key phrases. If you are focusing on local results, there is no need to pay $1,000 an hour consulting or multi-thousand dollar monthly contracts.

That middle ground it makes more sense to find an experienced and effective SEO, like SEO Sydney, that caters to smaller business. You can get the same results for less.

My seo agency provides affordable seo at much lower rates than many of the overpriced big dogs. We aim our services towards the small to medium business that has a real potential to make large profits off of internet visibility but don’t need to compete for key phrases such as “refinancing.”

SEO is affordable. Compounded by the fact that most companies can pay off the initial cost with in a few months of visibility, and maintenance for their keywords is low, in reality SEO is a profitable plan for any company. If you are interested on learning more about SEO, contact this ecommerce seo expert.