Web Design Marketing Podcast Episode 1 – Calls to Action How / Why


Every site is selling or marketing something. Even this blog, I am trying to convince readers that it is worth their time to come back and read additional articles. On the business side of things, you literally have items/services to sell or leads to generate.

Even though many designers are playing the roll of marketers by developing and designing websites, most websites lack marketing polish. This podcast is a quick and easy way to get tips on how to make your website more effective in generating business, leads, and sales. Intended for both web designers and website owners, I will be going over practical tips on how you can help your website work for you.

Calls to Action How / Why?

Simply put calls to action answer the question “I am interested, but now what do I do?

It is extremely easy for users to get confused or misunderstand where you intend them to go or do next, after they have read over a page of your content. You might understand it because you designed it, own the site, or have been through it a hundred times, but not all users will.

Does it work? Just look at late night infomercials. How many times do you hear “Call now with your credit card ready” ?

Show goes over tips, examples, and best practices.