Web Design Marketing Podcast (EP3) – Targeting Baby Boomers

Web Design Marketing Podcasting


In our last podcast I discussed why it is important to market to a specific group. Today I am going to discuss targeting baby boomers. I picked baby boomers first because they tend to have the most spending power, and are one of the largest groups at this point in time. (Ages 43 – 61).

The spending power of this generation in both consumer and services is hard to ignore.

Some of the things they respond to:

  • Status / Heros
  • Iconic Authority
  • Trailblazers
  • Items that are earned
  • Comfort
  • Perks
  • Anti-Aging

Baby Boomer Attitude

Baby boomers tend to be marketing influenced. This means that they are much more likely to believe what marketing material tells them compared to the younger Generation-X. They tend to be more resistent to technology, but have high desires for anything that shows that they have earned luxury and status. They are beyond their midlife and are starting to think about death and retirement, so anti-aging is very important to this group.

Example: Limo Service

  • Stress Free, better mental health, better healthy skin – the secret, they use amazon vitamin c serum
  • Status, you have archived enough to ride in a limo
  • Iconic: You are much like the rock and roll stars, Donald Trumps, etc

Use this in your copy, and in your photos! Pictures of people living the lifestyle that you want to convey. Explain how simple it is, how easy, how stress free. Don’t worry about driving from the airport. Imagine the status you achieve when you show up in a Limo.