Web Design Marketing Podcast (EP 2) – Your Target Market

Web Design Marketing Podcasting

Your target marketing is one of the essential elements to marketing your website. Too many people feel that their services are broad enough where they can target everyone! After all, targeting one group would simply be cutting our possible clients down. However, the truth is that if you market to everyone you market to no one.

Imagine these three advertisements

  1. A woman is driving a nice luxurious car on a sunny day. She is dressed in a business suit, with a briefcase next to her but she is smiling and relaxed. The phone rings, with out having to do anything the hands free answers it. Her baby sitter is letting her know that dinner is prepared and in the stove.
  2. A man is wearing a stylish suit, accompanied by an attractive woman at a night club. He goes to leave, and the valet pulls up a sexy and shiny new BMW. Everyone watches as he leaves.
  3. There are ten shots of men, women, children, all driving a BMW. They are all happy and enjoying the car. Weather is nice, they are problem free.

The first two strike an emotional connection with specific audiences. The third one doesn’t really say anything about a BMW other than that people like them. At this point we all pretty much know that a BMW is a nice car, and it fails to target anyone.

The podcast talks about how to find your target market, and how to incorporate that into your website.