Hosting on WordPress is valuable for SEO

I previous did a post testing seo value for subdomains, where I tried to see if blogger RightWeb was correct that having his blog on a wordpress subdomain helped his rankings for the term “best flight booking.”

At first I thought that Google would never let PR or trust of a root domain transfer to subdomains simply because there are so many trusted sites that allow you to get an account/subdomain with them. However – to my dismay, when my site was spidered for my post (which has about the same keyword density, and overall my site probably has a higher PR based on the links I inspected), I was ranked significantly lower than he was.

Rankings that I found

I decided to look deeper and started to see what incoming links our sites had, hoping to find some rhyme or reason. While my blog seemed to have more links from random places, it wasn’t until I got to the second page of listings for RightWeb that I saw a clue.

The clue

It appears that wordpress has thousands of tags to help navigate all the postings, each with it’s own page dedicated to that subject linking to individual posts. Bloggers on wordpress are getting authoritative inbound links from wordpress from pages that are on context, and use the anchor text that is in their post – so the links are keyword rich!

To make sure it wasn’t too good to be true, I searched for nofollow tags or a robot’s file telling the sites not to index the site and found none.

There isn't a nofollow tag

So I was wrong for the most part, but for reasons other than what I originally thought. It seems that wordpress is really the only blog hosting platform that is doing this – which makes sense as Pawel mentioned he had a similar site hosted on blogger that was not doing nearly as well in terms of rankings.

How long will this last? I am not sure, but I definitely will be setting up corporate blogs on WordPress for the time being.