Do SEO experts hide their secrets?

Like most web designers/developers, I see the importance of having a site that is visibly prevalent on search engines (or should I say google?). The amount of traffic and the value of that traffic that simply by being ranked in the top five provides is un debatable. However – with everyone wanting to achieve that front page status, it started a service all of it’s own. This of course dubbed SEO / Search Engine Optimization.

In the effort of learning more about SEO – like any skill I wish to acquire, I started with educating myself. Since there are no (or few?) worth while courses on Search Engine Optimization – the internet again was my professor.

While there are a few good informative sites out there (Mr SEO and his podcast for example), I often find the overall attitude of most SEO sites seem to outright discourage the practice of SEO. Highrankings web forum for example, a well known SEO forum – is littered with responses than simply state “Create the site for your users, and the spiders will find it.” Obviously if it were as simple as create the page as you would if you didn’t care about search engines… there would be no need to optimize at all! As a result this industry/practice would not exist and your page would rank high provided it is relevant.

Obviously there are ways to optimize a site even if it is already relevant. A newly created page might be the most relevant source of information on the net for key terms – but because of Google’s “backlink” trend it won’t be visible for an extended period of time (or forever?) to most users. The solution to this problem would be SEO companies developing techniques that bring sites to the front page for key terms. Lets mention that these companies are doing more than making sure the site doesn’t *look* optimized. So the question remains, are these SEO experts simply discouraging the practice of SEO for their own benefit or is there another reason?

Maybe they are sick of the onslaught of “I want to be #1, what do I do?” questions? Maybe SEO really is as simple as finding creative ways to get backlinks with the correct anchor text?

My guess is that there are techniques out there that are being hidden – Article submission, a great way of building backlinks has come to light and is used frequently. There no doubt are other methods out there, are they simply not as popular or just not spoken about?

Here is a quick and simple list of techniques I use that I have found useful:

  • Article Submission
  • Search for your sites topic, with “add url” , “add site” , “+add site” , etc – This is a great way of finding directories and listings on topic that you can list your site on.
  • Creating topic specific page names, for example “boston-sink-repair.html”
  • Participating in on-topic forums with your site in the signature (this can bring traffic even if it doesn’t count as a backlink due to no-follow tags
  • Blog’s / RSS feeds + submissions (remember rss feeds have backlinks to your site)
  • Monitoring Keyword Density
  • Making sure your title, and description are different on every page (to avoid duplicated content)

Have any “secrets?” post em in my comments, I will reference you & your homepage and add it to my list! (hey free backlink eh?)