affordable link building

I recently signed up for PayPerPost in an effort to see where the service played in the internet marketing landscape. I had originally thought of it as a high priced way to get exposure on large blogs, but after browsing around I realized it could be an affordable way to build links. While text link ads are the common method of getting traffic and google juice, you have just as much to gain from using pay for post services.

However with opportunities as low as $5 a post for a host of blogs you can start to see how it weighs against standard text link ads which are monthly fees. Not a pure black and white situation as most text link ads are site wide providing more traffic and PR, however for $50 you can get a head start on your link building effort. This is a tiny fraction of the cost of a traditional SEM company.

I have herd people grumble about the unethical/conflict of interest in pay per posting, but the service does all that it can to ensure bloggers are not convinced to post false information. They call it the word of mouth ethics, and have guidelines and methods to ensure credibility is maintained.

Expect some future posts about the effectiveness of this campaign, as I plan on using it for one of my best clients to help build brand awareness online.