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Marketing in Ann Arbor

I talk a lot about my home town of Ann Arbor Michigan. Those who have not visited or lived in Ann Arbor are often unsure as to why I target Ann Arbor so closely in my Marketing, and why other companies in Ann Arbor do so as well. While hard to explain or imagine, Ann Arbor really has it’s own isolated commerce sector of its own.

If you look at the cities surrounding Ann Arbor (Brighton, Saline, Ypsilanti, Jackson, etc), you really would have a hard time in a service business such as web design, supporting JUST that city. Ann Arbor however has such a large population of entrepreneurs, real estate agents, and unique businesses that I can focus in on Ann Arbor and serve the constant flow of new ideas.

The question is could my company do better targeting a larger audience? Possibly… I might be able to find larger clients by searching outside of Ann Arbor – however Ann Arbor does host its share of large companies; Dominios, Pfizer, Cisco, and now Google. I no doubt see the value in Ann Arbor for similar reasons as these global companies.

While I do at some point plan to expand, it has hard to beat the commerce I am exposed to every day and often is just footsteps from my office. If I expand to market towards Michigan as a whole, it becomes much more complicated requiring telecommuting, conference calls and lots of driving.

I market for Ann Arbor, and I love it.

5 thoughts Marketing in Ann Arbor

  1. The word “its” is a possesive the way you’re using it and it doesn’t take an apostrophe.

    The plural of business is businesses, not “business'”

    Some marketer.

  2. Someone is grumpy 🙂

    Read through it again – I am *not* a \”marketer\”, nor am I in Marketing. I do not write copy professionally, I am designer. I focus my COMPANY marketing towards Ann Arbor.

    Next time you *try* and slam someone at least have the courage to leave your name.

    I do see you work for Hass MS&L though, must be a fun job. What part of Public Relations is leaving comments on local blogs? 😉

  3. The fun part. And it wasn’t in a professional capacity, more of a lunch break.

    Michael McC.
  4. This is the fun part of my job 🙂

    I should keep it to lunch breaks only, but I find myself blogging when I should be working at times.

    You shouldn’t start a sentance with a conjunction. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)


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