Web Design Marketing Podcast Ep 9 – Microsites

It seems that only very large companies have bothered with microsites. It might be due to the higher cost of creating a site around a specific product or service, vs the traditional addition of one page to the existing site, or maybe it is not on the radar of smaller businesses. Microsites (or small websites that focus on one specific product, service, promotion, or event) are extremely useful in branding, advertising, promotion, marketing, and tracking all of the above.

In this episode I look at

Why they are useful?

  • Very focused
  • One simple goal, easy to direct
  • Easy to track
  • Convert better
  • Easier to build a campaign than off a major site
  • An opportunity to “test” a sub-brand, or rebranding

Possible Examples

  • Focus on a green product
  • Focus on a new specific line of a service
  • Use in print / offline media, better tracking


How to do one effectively