25+ Sites that Use Typography As The Only Design Element

Ever since I heard about the study of typography I was fascinated by it. Upon the word “typography” it clicked for me, “how interesting… the study of type, typefaces, and the design that is shaped by it.”

On the web we face some typographic challenges and limitations, the typefaces, font smoothing, and control we have over all typographic elements is inconsistent at best. However that hasn’t stopped several great designers from using typography as the only significant element of design on their websites. They found a way to create beautiful and stunning visuals with out complex graphics, shading, color changes, backgrounds, etc… they let the type speak and the results are amazing.


A Working Library


The Deck


Seed Conference

Daniel Mall

Erratic Wisdom

Mark Boulton

Rikcat Industries

Danny Blackman

201 Created

Huge, Inc

Daring Fireball



Type Sites



I Love Typography

AIGA Student Design Competition

Garrett Dimon

Monty Lounge

Monday By Noon

AIGA New York

Upstart Blogger

Did I miss any? Leave them in the comments and I will add them to the list.

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