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  1. Just popped in my vote for ya! Glad to see a friend in the running!

  2. *I* find CSS hard and I work in this damned field. Why do my sites look so basic? Because I can’t do any better. So, I mean, feel to be elitist and state the untruth that CSS is universally easier. For people who want to produce valid-code layouts who realize that life is too short and they’ll never get that time back, let them use the jeezly tables. Get them to focus on valid code. Stop beating up.

  3. Ross,
    I wouldn’t be so surprised, your design style is nice and clean. Submit your design over with http://CSSGallery.com and when accepted your design will show up in 100 plus additional CSS Galleries within the CSS gallery network! Cheers! and keep up the good design work.

  4. Ross,
    My web designer recommended that I take a look at your article and list. I am so glad that I did. Thanks for your research and list.

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