HealPay is the leading digital payment platform for the debt collection industry. This innovative organization has revolutionized the way companies and people manage debts and payments.

A successful start-up, they’ve quickly outgrown their original design identity system. Their existing logo no longer represented who they are today, and marketing materials lacked the consistency needed to properly reflect the excellence of the brand.

HealPay came to us for a brand refresh, requesting an updated logo, new visual language, and a cohesive system of sub-brand logos.

We started with our Double Helix brand discovery process, helping us distill and identify the core brand attributes that set HealPay apart from competitors.

Once we understood their value proposition, we explored a range of design approaches to communicate the unique features and advantages they provide. We worked closely with HealPay to iterate through these concepts, agreeing on a dynamic set of new visual metaphors to power all marketing efforts moving forward.

We redesigned their logo – extending a new visual identity to print collateral pieces – and created multiple sub-brands to better represent all core product lines. Finally, we reimagined and updated their website, delivering a redesigned and cohesive brand identity as innovative and practical as HealPay itself.

HealthCap USA

HealthCap is a general and professional liability insurance company, owned and governed by the long-term care providers they insure. HealthCap provides liability insurance products, risk management services, and accredited education to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and continuing care retirement communities.

Each year, HealthCap has an annual meeting, hosting their insurance brokers, thanking them for their business, and providing an update on the state of the industry.

HealthCap uses a printed annual report to capture key content and takeaways from the conference, while also accurately reflecting their operational excellence. It needs to always be a stellar publication to create a positive brand impression for their clients.

We’ve designed HealthCap’s annual reports for the past five years, working closely with HealthCap’s marketing department. Each year we identify and agree on a unique new theme and fresh approach that reflects the advantages of HealthCap and trends within the industry.

As the report requires comprehensive and clear information, we create detailed metrics, infographics, and other visual elements to paint and convey the complete picture. As you can see in the examples below, the report communicates both the caring and professional sides of all that HealthCap offers.

The Gown Shop

The Gown Shop, a bridal brand with big plans, reached out to us prior to opening their first location. The boutique’s owner told us about her vision of providing high-end designer apparel, for both brides and bridesmaids, with unique, personalized touches.

As a perceptive entrepreneur, she knew that the right image could be the difference between a shop that women vowed to visit, or wanted to divorce themselves from. With deep insight into her target market, she knew what would resonate and needed our graphic and marketing expertise to help bring her vision to life.

Using our Double Helix brand discovery process, we helped translate the founder’s clear understanding and vision of what she wanted into visual brand characteristics.

After initial discussions, we explored and “proposed” a variety of possible design patterns to identify which visuals conveyed the right message to her upscale audience of brides to be, mothers and sisters, bridesmaids, and other influencers.

Once defined, the visual language was applied to a brand identity system that included a new logo, boutique/in-store branding and ambiance, business cards, envelopes, letterhead, and a new website. Based on the results as shown below, we like to think that The Gown Shop and 3.7 Designs were the perfect marriage.