Textpattern as a CMS dominates wordpress

I know I am not alone in the realm of trying to warp wordpress into some sort of worthwhile CMS. I have a hacked version that barely even resembles the original version that I have poured countless hours into. However even then, it is a sub-par solution to the “need a cms, but don’t need drupul” sized CMS.

I was hesitant to even start learning another “blogging” cms like textpattern, thinking it would be the same problem. A blogging CMS is designed for hierarchical posts that are almost all contextual. However I continued to hear how powerful textpattern is as an engine, and when Chris Lee lent me his “Textpattern Solutions” book I took the time to sort through it.

While I plan on going further in depth about the potentials of this application I say it truly is a very powerful open source CMS tool. With the ability to create custom fields for editing pages, easily format the output based on sections rather than simply pages/categories/etc and a wide range of pluggins I had a hard time pressed to find something I couldn’t make it do even with simple knowledge of how it works.

I am currently adapting the local advertising group’s website to it and have been able to develop the following with the TXP markup langauge:

  • A members section with different advertising related categories, and listings of each member/company
  • Latest press release
  • Events
  • Classifieds
  • News
  • Podcasting
  • Awards

All of it was done easily and effortlessly, with out having to force hierarchal problems, selecting different page templates, etc

I plan on detailing it closely after I get it up and running as a proper example, but I am sold on the capabilities of textpattern as a CMS.