You’re going to make me go through this painful experience?

I assume you have found your way to this page because you wanted to know something about who is being this blog. Honestly I hate doing the whole “talking about myself” sorta thing, probably because I am just plain no good at it. Since you ask…

Loving the web…

Ah sounds cheesy doesn’t it? Feels cheesy to write also… but I guess we all need something we love to do and the web is mine. With a lifetime of fine arts, a love for technology and higher education in social sciences I have found myself somewhere between a graphic designer, UX practitioner and web developer. I accept that it makes me a jack of all trades but master of none, but cherish that it gives me a holistic view of the web.

I often feel like the kid who can’t wait to remind the teacher to assign homework before the class ends, but if you can make a living doing what you like why question it eh?

So what are your qualifications you no good son of a bitch?

Woah, calm down there. If I were to brag about myself I would ramble about co-founding Refresh Detroit, co-hosting WebAxe, and generally stating that I am sweet and that is qualification enough. In the past few years I started teaching at Washtenaw Community College,, I am currently authoring a design book titled “The Six Layers of Design,” and I have been running a web design company for about 6 years now.

Is this worth reading?

That is for you to judge. There are those who will find meaning and value in my posts and others who would rather read content that is formatted in lists. Both have their time and place. I tend to write about what challenges, thoughts and solutions I come across in working on the web. My team members at company partners (like fellow Ann Arbor Web Designer, Lyndsay Babl) will sometimes publish information targeted at clients and website owners.

If you enjoy it great, if not I am sure your type of content is out there somewhere.


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