Strategic Graphic Design

Form. Function. Results.

Backed by Methodology The Six Layers of Design

In 2010, 3.7 DESIGNS founder, Ross Johnson, authored a book covering the fundamentals of successful design. The six core elements are referred to as “layers” and make up the methodology behind our design strategies.

The six layers are described in order: functionality, reliability, usability, proficiency, communication, and emotion.

Results Focused Problem? Solution.

The most successful companies invest in design. When the visual language and personality of your brand match, you achieve a harmony that engages your ideal customers.

Invest in your brand and your business will grow.

Graphic Design Solutions

We can address your design needs in the following ways



Logo/identity design, color schemes, typography, brand attributes, visual language, and brand guidelines


Print Materials

Brochures, fliers, booklets, business cards, etc…


Visual Communication

Infographics, process diagrams, powerpoint templates, iconography, etc…


3D Collateral

Trade show booths, signs, promotional stands, etc…

Our Graphic Design Process

How the magic happens