Web Design

You should be proud of your website, not embarrassed by it’s lack luster performance. For over a decade we’ve helped brands like yours turn their ship around.

Your web presence is more important than ever. Prospects are making snap judgements based on the image your website portrays.

If your website is out of date, doesn’t communicate your value, is difficult to use or invisible on search engines you’re missing opportunities every second of the day.

We’ve rescued hundreds of uninspiring, difficult to use and ineffective websites. With a strategic approach to design we can deliver a website that performs every bit as well as you need so you can accomplish your goals.

The name 3.7 is derived from the butterfly effect theory. This theory stipulates that small inputs can create unexpected, exponential outcomes.

In every project, we look for these high leverage opportunities to generate large outcomes.

We’ve helped several companies in all of these industries get to the next level.

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As educators ourselves we believe that knowledge is the key to a bright future. We can help your online course, educational department or other programs.
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We love helping organizations that help others. Your cause is our cause and we’ll be as dedicated as you are to building awareness, promoting events, increasing attendance, and generating donations.
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We’re well grounded in helping tech companies achieve lofty goals. Manufacturers, web-based businesses, media companies, and software providers have all benefited from our smarter design approach.

Ensure users can find what they’re looking for and accomplish their tasks.

Not getting the results you need? Generate more sales, donations, memberships and leads.

Competitors outranking you even though you’re better? We can get you the visibility on search engines you deserve.

Match your technology and internal workflows. We can build the functionality you need exactly how you need it.

Website looking old? We’ll craft a website you’re proud of.

Take advantage of online transactions whether you’re selling products, accepting donations, issuing invoices or managing memberships.

We’re here to help you transform your organization. That means looking for high leverage opportunities. Where can we produce two or ten times the results as effort input?

Using design thinking and our own brew of design methodology we’ve solved complex problems like increasing sales, building brand awareness, positioning in crowed markets, driving leads and reducing overhead.

  1. 06 Emotion
  2. 05 Communication
  3. 04 Value
  4. 03 Usability
  5. 02 Reliability
  6. 01 Function

Design Psychology

Design Thinking



What’s the main purpose of your website? You may have several, but to create the most effective functionality, we use this layer to zero in on one primary objective.



Regardless of device or user restrictions, your visitors must have a consistent experience. So this layer ensures your website design doesn’t create any unnecessary challenges.



People come to your website with goals in mind. With this layer, we make sure they reach these goals as quickly as possible, while setting the tone for a positive experience.



How could you put someone in a better position based on what they want to accomplish? This layer is where we look for opportunities to incorporate tools, resources and information that improve your visitors’ situation.



Rather than designing for your preferences, you must design for the psychological aspects of your target audience. So this layer leads to design that immediately resonates and communicates the right message to the people you want to reach.



Emotions influence almost every human decision. So we use this layer to settle in on specific emotional responses — created through design — that push your visitors toward a designed action.

Design thinking is such a critical part of our offering that we’ve developed our own design methodology (the six layers of design) and process (saturation) to guide each project we engage in.

Not all websites are created equal. The visual layer could be well designed yet the code under the hood… well, a mess.

We develop to a strict internal standard to ensure your site is optimized for speed and search, maintainable, extensible and easy to manage.

We’ve honed our process over a hundred web design projects to deliver the best results and most enjoyable experience.

Working with 3.7 design was a pleasure which is not a word u usually associated with building websites. They bring a combination of technical and artistic expertise that enabled us to get the look and the results we wanted. Service during and after the site was built is exceptional.

Tim Hygh Executive Director,
Mackinac Island Tourism